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Jan 10, 2007 04:50 PM

Tequila Sunrise

We were looking forward to trying a new mexican restaurant when we chanced upon Tequila Sunrise. Walking in the music was lively and the decor very cozy. The owner/manager welcomed us to our table with good wishes to enjoy the food. Unfortunately that's where the enjoyment ended. Our first course of guacamole was insultingly miniscule considering the $6.95 charge. It would have made an acceptable side dish at best. Our mains of chimichanga's came half full of what tasted to be nothing more than meat doused in tabasco. No dollops of sour cream or salsa offered to save it's impoverishment. Accompanying sides were as meager. Really, how expensive is it to fill a plate with beans and rice? And that poor excuse of a salad, iceberg lettuce with no dressing? Not even fit for a pet rabbit.
At the end the 'owner/manager' scolded us for not having had the house specialty. Wouldn't that have been a nice thing for him to introduce to us before opening the menu?
Next time I will suffer standing in line at the near-by Burrito Boys.

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  1. There's a groupon offer today for this place. Hmmm...

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      I've been dragged here a couple of times before heading to a movie at Scotia. Smallish portions and an expensive price point. Also have never seen more than a couple of people in there during the dinner hour.