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Jan 10, 2007 04:40 PM

Daniel: 3 course or tasting menu?

I just made a reservation and found out that Daniel does not offer a 4 or 5 course dinner anymore. The last time I went with my boyfriend we got the 4-course dinner and we thought it was perfect. I'm wondering if the tasting menu is worth the $60/person extra cost ($96 vs $155). What would you get - any thoughts?

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  1. My experience at Daniel dates back too many years for me to be able to comment specifically on the current 3-course prix-fixe vs the tasting menu question though I can say that whether I would choose the tasting menu would depend entirely on what exactly is being offered on it. However, here's a thought. You can turn the 3-course option into 4 courses by adding a cheese course.

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      Not a bad idea at all. Their cheese cart is very nice. (I added a cheese course to the tasting last time I went, glutton that I am.)

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        Funny thing is the first and only time we had dinner at Daniel in the Mayfair, it was shortly after they had moved there and cheese was not available. I'm not sure if there was a tasting menu at that time. Regardless, we had the 3-course menu and wanted to add a cheese course before dessert but were told the cheese was on order from France and had not yet arrived.

        Note: We had a fabulous 8-course extravaganza when the restaurant was on 76th St., in the space where Cafe Boulud is now located.

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          Their cheese cart is superb and the selection extensive. One of their triple creams nearly knocked me out though. I'm a big fan of triple creams and pungent cheese but this one was an entirely different league.

          It's a perfect way to polish off your last glass of bordeaux.

    2. Personally, I'd do the tasting. It's 6 courses if I remember right, but it's definitely tandem, so if you each try one of the two choices for each course, and swtich half-way through, you'll get to sample at least 12 things. Definitely the way to do it.

      1. Oddly enough, I felt the 3 course menu was more food than the 6 course. The 3 course portions were huge and I felt the 6-course tasting wanting. Also, since the portions are smaller, you do lose some of the presentation and effect that you get with a regular 3 course dish. I'd save the extra money and blow it on a better bottle of wine off that ridiculous wine list of theirs.

        1. I had a 10-course chef tasting at Daniel 2 years ago and wished i'd ordered the 3-course. It was revealed that it was my birthday, and it got a little creepy when my courses started to consistently seem "better" than my companion's (langoustines vs. shrimp, etc.). The larger point is that it's a rare tasting menu where I want EVERYTHING on the menu. In general I am happier when I choose my own food, and so I get the 3-course, or throw in cheese for 4. I also think that Daniel's food would have lent itself better to fewer, larger portions: there is so much to enjoy in each plate. If I went back, I would get the 3-course and spend more on wine as Porthos suggested.