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Jan 10, 2007 04:37 PM

DFW - Best Burger

What happened to this? Wasn't someone doing a contest? I'm craving and I never saw the results.

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  1. That was me.

    We took a hiatus after the first round b/c Joe Willie's was under renovation.

    You won't go wrong with any of the sweet 16. But I would say the Loon is the weakest of the group by a lot.

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    1. re: snatex

      What did you think of Adair's burgers so far. Right now they are my favorites with Lee Harvey's. I've never been to Who's Who? Are they good?

      1. re: simply_victoria

        Adairs is solid. Haven't been there in a while but as I remember it was a nice sized hand formed patty with a good bun and condiments. Funny fact is they have no menu.

        Who's Who is in Highland Park Village and is a Phil Romano creation. I enjoy their food a lot. They use excellent ingredients and even offer Kobe burgers(though these were not evaluated in the competition).

      2. re: snatex

        snatex - can you provide some details about the contest, or point to an old link? I am surprised to see that my favorites (Angry Dog, Balls) lost early on, but potentially eager to try the victors' burgers. What were the criteria for success?

        1. re: gavlist

          The contest was created for me and some folks in my office. The restaurants were chosen based on the recent results of other similar competitions. Distance from Oaklawn area was also a criteria for selection. Foofy burgers with fancy and unusual ingredients were not included. Me and 4 other workers went to 1 place per week and submitted votes on the best burger at the end of the two week game period.

          I was suprised to that Angry Dog lost too. When I created the brackets I thought they would go far. But on several recent visits it has not been what I remembered.

        2. re: snatex

          is this dallas only? I'm surprised to not see kincaids. Also shocked to see snuffer's lose to fuddruckers, but i understand that people have different prefs.

          1. re: amkirkland

            The contestants have to be within reasonable lunch distance of our office on Oaklawn. Snuffers was actually the worst hamburger I had in the entire competition. It was not even close.

            1. re: snatex

              interesting. I've only been there once, so this isn't exactly an expert opinion, but the once i went there was great. They even did a true medium rare.

              1. re: snatex

                I would actually agree fully with this. I find snuffers way to greasy. Their fries are the best, but not their burgers, no were close to Balls, Twisted Root etc.

                1. re: irodguy

                  I left Dallas fourteen years ago but still crave Snuffer's burger and fries. Unfortunatley, when we visit, there are too many other great places to try and burgers take a back seat. I remember a great medium rare burger and awesome cheese fries.

                  1. re: Rene

                    The burger I had at the greenville location was so salty it almost made me vomit. The bun was nothing special either. The highly touted fries were even a soggy mess. Nothing impressed me about the visit.

                    1. re: snatex

                      I am with you on Snuffer's, Snatex. The Plano outlet's burgers are so greasy that they are inedible. My family begs not to go there anymore.

                      1. re: Kirk

                        Yep they just don't come close to Scotty Ps or Ye Old Butcher for the folks who live in Plano. I actually ended up with quite an upset stomach last time we ate at snuffers.

                2. re: snatex

                  I remember a time when I actually enjoyed a Snuffers burger. Seemed so long ago. I tried to eat one about two months ago and actually vowed that I would never go back to Snuffers again. Their cheese fries = enigma. How do they win 'best cheese fries' year in and year out? The San Francisco Rose kills their cheese fries.

            2. The best that I've had lately is Twisted Root in Deep Ellum. Great size, flavor, quality of products and price.

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              1. re: sl1

                Right on sl1...not sure it's the best burger in all of Dallas, but it's definitely the best new burger I've tried in a long time. Also, they have some of the better extras of the burger place (great milkshakes and fresh sweet potato fries).

              2. I read an in depth hamburger taste-off somewhere, maybe the Observer, where Uptown Bar and Grill prevailed as the best in Dallas.

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                1. re: Scagnetti

                  I think that was several years ago. D Magazine just did a report on the best burgers about three months ago.

                  1. re: sl1

                    did any CH's try Winfield's? how was it?

                    1. re: adkim

                      do you mean Wingfield's? I tried it with with some friends from work, and there were differing opinions... but we haven't gone back. No one loved it, but I think I liked it the least - the burger patty was enormous and extremely fatty without being terribly flavorful. One caveat - they don't have any real place to eat, so we had to bring our food back to work. By the time we got to eat, the burger had cooled down somewhat, and (as we all know) warm fat is way tastier than cool fat. So maybe the burgers are good fresh off of the grill... but since there's no place to eat I'll probably never find out. Based on my experience, I have no idea how it won the D Mag contest.

                      1. re: gavlist

                        Good to know. The pictures I saw of their burgers never really tempted me to go make the trek over there. A picture of a Scotty P's gives me an excuse to drive out to Mckinney. Man, that hint of horesradish just teases the palate w/o making it tiring. Beautiful harmony.

                        Has anyone made it out to Beckley Brewhouse yet? The picture of that burger in guidelive certainly warrants a drive to Beckley's.


                2. Not to promising, if chips beats balls, I would not put a lot of stock in it. I also agree that twisted root is amoung the best in town.

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                  1. re: irodguy

                    Chips beat Baileys not Balls.

                    Twisted Root would have been included but it opened after we had already started.

                    1. re: snatex

                      Twisted Root belongs in the 'wannabe' category. They've just painted on the patina and the tiny piece of lettuce that's served 'on the side' must have sat in that basket for hours - totally wilted. Because of that lack of attention I give them a D-.
                      For a truly great burger, go across the street to Adair's - now there's some real tradition, not just a bunch of silliness painted on the windows...

                      1. re: berlin

                        D-? I can see why some might prefer Adair's. But giving Twisted Root's burgers a D- is incomprehensible to me.


                        1. re: Scott

                          I would agree, they are different kinds of burgers. Adairs is a classic no frills really great burger. Twisted root is a burger wit stuff on it. They just don't compare , but both are great.

                          1. re: irodguy

                            Never had an Adairs burger but the one time I had Twisted Root burger I thought it tasted a bit dry and flavorless. Perhaps just a bad day and I didn't ask them to cook it medium so it was well done so I could partly be at fault. I'll have to give them another try. Did someone mention Who's Who burger here? Now that was a total waste of money. I'd rather go to Snuffers anyday. My favorite is Fred's out in Fort Worth. Cooked on a grill outside, juicy and very flavorful!

                  2. I second Twisted Root. It is the best burger I have had in town. Great specialty burgers, good fries, and even specialty root beer that changes every couple of days. Also, try the spicy pickles on the counter.