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Jan 10, 2007 04:33 PM

nonspicy Thai food

Is it possible to eat nonspicy Thai food? I ate Thai food at Dungrats years ago but haven't been very adventurous with Thai food since then, mainly because I don't like spicy food. Any suggestions? Restaurants and/or dishes? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thai food is interesting and flavorful; most of it is not overly spicy, i.e., "hot." Just ask the server what they recommend and ask that it not be too spicy. They are all happy to accommodate you. If you went to Dungrat's, you probably live close to Thai Square and Bangkok 54, both in Arlington on Columbia Pike near Glebe Road. Try them; they are two of the best in the DC area.

    1. Almost every Thai place I've eaten at will make something completely mild for you. Be warned though, with nothing of offset the sweetness of most dishes, it will taste more like desert than dinner.

      1. We occasionally take my parents out for Thai and ask for the spicing to be toned down. All of the restaurants in this region have been happy to accomodate. In addition, you could ask your servers for suggestions--not everything Thai is hot. For example, Thai Square has an excellent dish of greens and fried pork that isn't hot at all. Satay is always safe as long as you avoid the vinegar and hot pepper sauce that is sometimes served in a separate dish. Pad Thai is not hot. So you can order a few "safe" dishes that aren't hot and perhaps experiment with one spicy dish, toned down to mild at your request.

        When we eat Thai with our 7 year-old chowpup, we typically order one spicy appetizer for us and a satay for her, then one spicy entree and one non-spicy one.

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          These are all good suggestions. I live near Lee Highway and George Mason so if anyone has suggestions of closer Thai places, that would be great. Where's Thai Square?

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            There are so many Thai places around where you live. If you don't care for spicy food, then almost any in your neighborhood will produce high quality non-spicy dishes. Ghin Na Ree at Lee-Harrison (get the shrimp wrapped in wonton skins), Thai Noy (especially good for chicken fried rice) on Washington Blvd, even Thai Thai a half-block from you is capable of producing very good non-spicy food.

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              I live right next to Ghin Na Ree but had been put off by it because of a negative review by my husband's co-worker. I looked online at their menu ( and didn't see the shrimp wrapped in wonton skins, something I think I would love. Can you take a look at the menu and tell me if I'm just missing it somewhere? Thanks for your suggestions. Very helpful.

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                First of all, I am not saying Ghin Na Ree is fabulous. It is capable of putting out some great food, though. At lunch they serve a limited menu of 'combination specials' that would be of little interest to most Chowhounds, though it is dirt cheap.

                Online menus are notoriously out of date. So I think you should peek in and see if they have the shrimp dish. It is priced as an appetizer, but it is a substantial serving that can be easily shared. Normally I get that plus the Yum Nua, a spicy beef salad. That combination is one of my favorite meals around.

        2. Thai Square is on the corner of Glebe Rd and Columbia Pike.

          I suspect that you would like Crystal Thai. It's on Rte 50, just west of George Mason. It's in a shopping center on the right side of the road. Watch out, the turn is easy to miss. They never make things spicy unless you specifically ask. Try their pad thai chicken. It's sweeter than most pad thai I've had. If you like sweet you will like it. I also have a friend who doesn't like spicy at all and she swears by their drunken noodles and their chicken with basil.

          1. Ruan Thai in Wheaton is perhaps the best Thai in the area, and I feel like I have to plead and beg when I visit to ensure spiciness. So you might find -- especially if you tell the servers, "very mild" -- many of their dishes both unique and acceptable to your heat level.

            Order everything mild, and try the yum watercress special salad or the pad watercress. Also the pad kha na (greens with oyster sauce).