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Jan 10, 2007 04:27 PM

Hotel Bel-Air Brunch - tips, suggestions?

Going to the hotel bel-air for brunch soon... any tips on where to sit (terrace vs dining room), attire required (do they still enforce jackets, even for brunch?), what food to order & approx how much it will set me back (couldn't find it in the website). thanks!

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  1. Eat on the Terrace for sure after a drink in the clubby bar; good food, small portions - don't order the $27 lobster roll/sandwich which had one definable piece of lobster in it, as my Mom would say, very much of the roll and very little of the lobster. We had a lunch for four with drinks and the bill was $290 - nice old fashioned service and you can't beat the view of the swans.