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It's Jarring! Good stuff in jars

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We've got threads here for favorite junk foods and favorite foods from a box or can and favorite this or that . . .

but what's YOUR favorite food that comes in a JAR?

For me, the top two are

Jake & Amos Pickled SWEET TINY Beets


Tony Packo's Brittany Tomatoes

I can get the Jake & Amos Beets (make sure they are the sweet baby ones!) at a Dutch store on the way to my mother's. Since that's a once a month trip, I stock up.

I got hooked on Tony Packo's Brittany Tomatoes when a restaurant here in Kansas City (second incarnation of Food For Thought) served them. The owner would order extra jars for me to buy. The restaurant's been closed for years now but about twice a year, I order directly from Tony Packos.



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  1. Wickles Pickles
    Tostidos Monterey Jack Queso Dip
    Various kinds of salsa and bean dips

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      Janet - I only discovered the Tostidos Monterey Jack Queso Dip a few weeks ago when I was desperate for dip for Fritos and the convenience store was out of sour cream dips. I was delightfully surprised at how tasty it is and have now gone through several jars. It's good dolloped on scrambled eggs and atop tomato soup, too.

      I've now tried the Tostito Salsa Queso, too, but I don't like it nearly as much as the Monterey Jack version.

      1. re: KCJ

        My stepdaughter introduced it to me last summer. She and her sorority sisters discovered it. Some days I wish I hadn't learned about it....LOL

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          I *knew* I had a problem with it when last week at my little neighborhood convenience store had just three jars of it on the little rack on the chips shelf. Since it was Friday and I knew they wouldn't get in their next order until the following Wednesday, I bought all three jars. Heaven forbid I should run out! LOL

          1. re: KCJ

            I've been a fan of the Salsa Con Queso for awhile (total guilty pleasure), but sounds like it's time to upgrade to the Jack Queso. Thanks for the tip!

            Also a big fan of Bubby's bread and butter pickles.

            1. re: Newkie

              Newkie - I don't know Bubby's brand but I'm always on the lookout for excellent bread 'n butter pickles for my braunschweiger sandwiches. :)

              1. re: KCJ

                They're so good! Primarily sold in California, but according to their website they can be found elsewhere at stores like Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Check the refrigerated aisles!

    2. Oh, yes, I like the jars of marinated artichoke hearts, too

      1. Ajvar - red pepper and eggplant dip. Trader Joe's has a version. It is shocking weird red and very, very tasty.

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        1. re: Snackish

          I buy Ajvar from my favorite middle eastern deli and mix it with their tangy and very tart plain yogurt. It's divine with toasted pita bread. I would never attempt to make it, it's much easier to just buy a jar.

          1. re: Snackish

            Absolutely. We go through a jar a week.

          2. I love, love, love Italian ventresca (belly) tuna a lot. Tre Tori charges over $30.00 for theirs (and it actually is worth it). But for a somewhat more reasonable ventresca, try this stuff. It's also quite excellent and comes in jars:


              1. Favorite Things that come in jars:

                Branston's Pickle
                Dolmas (Trader Joes are pretty good)
                Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
                TJ's Korma, Masala, Curry and Spinach Punjab cooking Sauces
                TJ's Red Mole Sauce
                Clausen Pickles

                1. Mine is so boring! I like garbanzo beans in a jar. I throw a few into salads, and pop the rest in the fridge for next time.

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                  1. re: writergirl

                    Three of my faves of the top of my head....

                    Blue Hill Bay Herring in wine marinade (sold at Costco)... I may just have to try their white fish salad as well!

                    Justin Wilson's wicked cajun pickles. I got a small gift set with a jar of these and a couple sauces.... upon tasting the pickles, I immediately ordered a case of them online!

                    Finally, I'm ashamed to admit that Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without a jar or two of "Aunt Nellie's" boiled onions.... Hey, I grew up on them... so don't shoot me!!!



                  2. "La Bomba" spicy sandwich spread
                    Dave's Insanity Salsa
                    hot mango pickle

                    1. Ditto on the Trader Joe's Red Mole sauce. Also like Silver Palette's Tequila Salsa.

                      1. Spicy, garlicky dill pickles--especially the ones I made last summer with a friend's cukes and my mom's little green chile peppers


                        Peanut butter


                        1. Peanut butter made with ground honey roasted peanuts. I can eat a whole container in two nights! Can't keep it in the house!

                          1. Tony Packos pickles and peppers,(thick sliced)


                            Smuckers ketchup and apple butter

                            1. Those pink grapefruit segments in tall glass jars. I've been known to drain entire jars in one sitting.

                              Marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, capers. Just call me Mr. Antipasti. 8>D

                                1. re: maryv

                                  oh, yeah, forgot about kimchi. Trouble is it's 5 bucks for a pint jar and if left to my own devices I could easily finish off a jar in one sitting.

                                  1. re: maryv

                                    Oh, great call. Kimchi is fantastic. The last time I brought some in to the office for lunch, several people fled the premises.

                                  2. Chestnuts
                                    Buckwheat honey
                                    Pickled okra (actually, pretty much any veggie will do)
                                    My mom's "marinated" fruit salad (basically fruit in booze)

                                    1. Elsa's Story Fig Confiture

                                      1. For Christmas I sent my daughter some Cheesecake-In-A-Jar (Hazelnut and Amaretto) from Original Juan's specialty food. I had a sample of it at the outlet store and really liked it. My son-in-law got a few bottles of Original Juan's super hot sauces. Reports from their household were definitely thumbs up all the way around.

                                        So since then, I've returned to the outlet store (which is within a mile of me) and bought more of the Cheesecake-In-A-Jar for gifts for others and for myself, too. Some serious addiction there!



                                        1. Kim Chee from my local Asian market...and good nut butters....and pickles....and random condiments found at random ethnic markets...etc...

                                            1. Top three:
                                              Roasted Red Peppers
                                              Sun dried Tomatoes

                                              ..now all I need is a loaf of Italian bread and a hunk of fresh cheese :)

                                              1. Jars of olives
                                                TJ's peach halves (glass jar- so good)
                                                TJ's roasted red peppers
                                                Claussen kosher dill pickles

                                                1. How could I forget Central Grocery's Olive Salad for making Muffalettas!!! Mmmmm!

                                                  1. Nutella all the way.

                                                    1. Private Harvest's 'smokey mozzarella bread spread'

                                                      dang, that stuff is tasty!

                                                      1. Real Pickles' sauerkraut, asian style cabbage, and pickled red cabbage. (New England only, I think) Salt-pickled only, no vinegar added. Mmmm.