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Jan 10, 2007 04:20 PM

recs for a 35th birthday dinner

my husband and i will be in nyc for my 35th birthday in june. we are thinking about going to Per Se, but wanted to get some feedback / recs on other places (and any thoughts on per se as well). keep in mind that i am allergic to fish & seafood. money is really no object - we want stellar food. have been to WD-50 (we were underwhelmed) and blue hill (loved, loved). thanks!

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  1. I haven't been to Per Se, so I can't comment on that, but if you liked Blue Hill, I would recommend checking out either Telepan or Tasting Room. They are both Greenmarket oriented (especially Tasting Room) with great food. The drawbacks to Tasting Room is that the new space gets pretty crowded and loud and the food can be wildly expensive for what you get, although of you're thinking about Per Se, that's probably not an issue. Telepan, I think, is more intimate and the food is excellent.

    1. For a birthday celebration, look into La Grenouille. I LOVE this place. The room is romantic,, flowers are beautiful, and the cuisine is out of this world! Look at the menu to see if it appeals to you.

      My second choice would be Daniel. I could go on and on about everything in this place!

      Happy Birthday, lettuce!

      1. I agree with Per Se and Daniel and also would suggest Aureole or Gramercy Tavern.

        1. I agree with Per Se and Daniel, and will also suggest Eleven Madison Park. They have a duck (whole duck for two) and a pig entree and other meat entrees so even if you don't eat fish you won't be disappointed. I remember last time I went the waiter asked me very specifically whether I am allegic to any food. So I am sure they will take care of you!