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RFI - Great Breakfasts in Central Mass

Looking for kid-friendly great breakfast spots in Central Mass, preferably open Sat. and Sun. Great pancakes, waffles, bacon, real maple syrup ....

thanks in advance for your help !

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  1. Central Ma. is a huge area, although a lot of people East of I-495 wouldn't have a clue about that. Can you narrow your search area a little so the Hounds can give you better recs?

    1. Well, it's not MA, but not far away. In Mason NH (I think that's the town), there's Parker's Maple Barn. It's a really well known place that people love.


      1. Actualli, it's because Parker's Maple Barn ic closed from Xmas to Feb 15th, that I am looking for something similar as a substitute.

        We live outside of Boston, and anything within a 1-2 hour drive is what we a looking for. Could be MA, southern NH or VT, or RI or northern CT. Thanks again !

        1. Wow, that's a huge area for breakfast!

          There are lots of places; most are small cafe-style joints. The Cafe at the Sagatabscott Orchard store in Sterling, Mike's Country Kitchen in West Boylston, Debba's Country Kitchen in Rochdale and The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret CT are just a few places I know from experience or reputation.

          1. Michael's Bridge Diner, Lancaster on Route 70N (just beyond the Clinton line). The business was just rebuilt across the road from it's former location after an arson fire this summer.
            It is a brand new building which is large, can accomodate big groups of people. Perfect kid place! Noisy, lots of hub-bub, plenty of parking. Terrific breakfast menu with specials everyday. Lunch too, and dinners soon to come.

            1. A fun & good new place in Worcester for breakfast & lunch, despite being Phantom approved is the 5&Diner.
              Here's the link:

              1. Another place to think about:


                I have had a nice lunch there, but have not done a breakfast.

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                  Oh, I'd forgotten all about the Wee Tea Shoppe at Scotch Pine Farm! Several years ago there were a couple of good reviews and we'd planned to check it out. So thanks for the prod, "hummingbird'. Their website is either down or no longer in existence. Here's a link that gives some additional info, however;


                  And "whs"'s reply below reminds me; Nancy's Airfield Cafe, "home of the hundred-dollar burger". All the same attribute as below and it's probably a just a little closer to you.

                  Here's their link; http://nancysairfieldcafe.com/

                2. There's a diner at the airport in Nashua NH with a view of the runway. Kids love watching the planes land. It's called the Midfield Cafe and they are open for breakfast and lunch only.

                  1. Great small diner down the road from me.It's called the Country Kettle and it's right next to the bait shop next to the Wachusett Resevoir in West Boylston, MA. It's very casual and reasonable. I believe the cook owns it. Classic rock and oldies comes from the kitchen as the cook churns out dishes. It's fun to watch him crank out the meals. You seat yourself and the waitress comes right over with coffee and menus. Refills are frequent. I usually get my standard 2 eggs over easy with bacon, homefries and rye toast. It's always hot and fresh. He also offers about 8 specials on the board. My husband has had some of the chorizo omelette specials. I noticed lots of fruit loaded pancake and french toast concoctions. Service is fast and friendly. it's cash only. we usually bring out paper and relax. Locals, bikers and fisherman frequent. If you're looking to take a nice drive(the resevoir is pretty) and end up with a good meal, you should give it a shot.

                    1. Actually, my mistake. I think it is called Country Kitchen. I just read another post above that referenced what I think may be the same place. And if it is, then it's called Mike's Country Kitchen. Clearly, I'm not paying attention to the name and only to the food!