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Jan 10, 2007 04:05 PM

What's good near Vizcaya/MMOS?

I'm going to see some of the Miami Improv Festival tomorrow night at the Miami Museum of Science (3280 S. Miami Ave.). I don't spend a lot of time down in that area, so I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions for casual, inexpensive places that are worth a visit. I'm not looking for any kind of food in particular, but rather just something worth checking in a neighborhood I don't visit too often. I'll be driving down from Hollywood. Thanks.

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  1. Head up Miami Ave to Brickell for either Perricone's or Rosinella's.

    Or, for a really casual place with good food, just up US 1 is Original Daily Bread for counter service Middle Eastern food and a good market too.

    Nearby on Coral Way is Tutto pizza - a great pie if a little bit of a hectic experience.

    Or, you could head over to the Grove for Jaguar or Le Bouchon du Grove.

    1. There's also Novencento for Argentinean in the Brickell area. If you're looking for more inexpensive, Pasha's has Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food similar to Daily Bread but in a more modern setting.

      Agree with all but one of YS's recs. I'd go to Jaguar if possible. I hate Bouchon du Grove - 1 mediocre and 1 horrible experience have made me give up on the place.

      1. I heard horrible things about Novacento on brickell, never been myself. I'd do river oyster bar. Though I really like both perricones and tutto, never been to daily bread but heard good things.

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