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Jan 10, 2007 03:52 PM

Healdsburg recommendations

My husband and I will be in Healdsburg for a weekend without kids in Feb. We've gotten recommendations for Cyrus and made a reservation there. But we are looking for something for the second night for dinner. Also, can anyone comment on Cyrus?

For the second night, I would like to find something that isn't the whole fancy/california/french prix fix thing (don't know if there is a better one word way to describe this cuisine?). While we have certainly enjoyed it, I am getting tired of eating off a similar menu every where I go (something with foie gras, something with duck, etc.). Does anyone have any recommendations for not upscale but good food places in this area? Would love to be able to walk to the restaurant from downtown.


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  1. I would recommend Ravenous or Ravenette Cafe. Incredible food, very chill and low key - not pretentious at all. I would recommend going to both of these restaurants instead of Cyrus at all, which I think is way overpriced and obnoxious.

    Also, if you're looking for a great place for breakfast/lunch/brunch, check out Bovolo - located right on the town square. It's owned by the same people that run Zazu.

    FYI - these 4 spots are all local favorites.

    1. Be sure to do a search for both Healdsburg and Cyrus. You will find many prior posts here that will provide useful info.

      1. This is a site that posts menus

        I disgree about Cyrus - it's well worth the money. Bovolo is a cafeteria style restuarant and quite expensive and I don't find it to be as good as their restuarant in Santa Rosa. On the lower end there are some great taquierias and bakeries. Tres Sombreros and the Creamery are two places to check out.

        1. Do check out The Cheese Shop in Healdsburg, for a GREAT selection of yummy cheeses and wine from around the world.

          Just not on Sunday--the shop is closed.

          1. I second the recommendation for Ravenous. Also Healdsburg Charcuterie has excellent French "comfort" food-also very low key and quiet inside. We also like Willy's Seafood Bar-mostly small plates, but a very creative and eclectic menu. Both places are very reasonably priced and very close to the square. Also, a very interesting lunch suggestion is the reserve room at Mayo Family Winery, also near the square. They do 7 small tastes of food, matched with 7 of their wines for $20 per person. It was very well done and they were very generous with the wine pours.