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Jan 10, 2007 03:45 PM

View of Cleveland

I need a place with a great view of downtown Cleveland. It needs to be $10-$15 a person, we are looking for a cool spot for rehersal dinner.


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  1. You've got four tough criteria. "Good for a group", "good food" and "good view" aren't going to coincide very often with $10-$15. In fact, thinking only about "great view" I've narrowed the field down to three: Ponte Vecchio, Pier W and Swingos. Of those, only at Ponte Vecchio could I even imagine having a reasonable meal for $15.

    Ponte Vecchio has five entrees between $19 and $22. You can get half orders of pasta for $10-$14.

    Pier W has a couple entrees at $23 but most are in the high 20's and several are higher still. Swingos doesn't have a menu on the web but lists them as "$$$$" whereas Pier W is listed as only "$$$,$$$$".

    I've never eaten at any of these restaurants but I remember that I wanted to try Ponte Vecchio after I read a couple very good reviews. My interested waned after I read another less enthusiastic review.

    Pier W:


    Ponte Vecchio:

    1. I agree 100% w Stuart re coupling a cheap meal w a good view. Lots of luck, and that's not just for the Cleveland area, I think that applies pretty much all over. In fact, my experience has been if the place is in one of those tall towers (Vegas, Niagara Falls) you can expect not only high prices, but poor quality food.

      I've eaten at Pier W a number of times, primarily for brunch, but also dinner and you can't go wrong there, but as the other poster said you will pay for it. Try their tomato based fish stew, its really good.

      1. Are you looking for beer and wine to be part of that 10-15 per person too? Also, what day of the week are you looking at and could you do afteroon instead of evening?