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Jan 10, 2007 03:45 PM

three tubes of almond paste

Came across a sale and bought 3 tubes of almond paste. Now what? Made a perfectly fine coffee cake with a brown sugar, cinnamon and almond paste center but it didn't rock my world. The recipe came off the manufacturer site.

Do you have a favorite recipe or use for almond paste that you'd like to share? The remaining tubes are in the freezer while I wait for inspiration.


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  1. I made amaretti before christmas and came across this recipe:

    I ended up making one using ground almonds, but this one looked good.

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      This is the recipe I use - it's delicious, although I use a little almond extract to boost the almond flavor . . . .

    2. Probably won't be able to make this for a while until plums are in season, but I really, really, really love this Upside Down Plum Cake:

      1. I like the flavor of plum & almond too, I've made these turnovers:

        1. A few years ago I made pine nut macaroons using almond paste (recipe on epicurious, I believe). It is good filling for a king cake, or sandwiched between chocolate wafer cookies. I confess to eating it straight.

          1. A few people mentioned this recipe before Christmas, and it is unbelievable. Next year I'll make two of each, twice as big, one with the apricot, and one with raspberry jam and Chambord ( I made up the raspberry one based on a bakery item my Mom loves). That should use up your almond paste pretty quick!