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Jan 10, 2007 03:38 PM

Time Warner/AOL Building this Saturday, need recommendations and an Opinion please

Hello all, will be at a concert this Saturday at the above location , we are 6 people. We have been given a recommendation of
Stone Rose ( Tapas ) at 10 Colombus Circle. Has anyone been? Mid priced fare needed, ethnic is fine as well as traditional.( No picky eaters here ) If we do not locate a place uptown we may be forced to head to chinatown for vietnamese. ( would rather be sitting uptown with a cocktail myself) thanks for your assistance and keep warm!

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  1. I haven't been to Stone Rose but if you're going to be in the Time Warner Bldg, why don't you eat in Bouchon Bakery, located on the 3rd floor? The food's great, and the desserts are divine.

    Here's a link to the menu:

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      I was at Bouchon on Monday and they were closed for vacation so check and make sure they are open.

    2. Still awaiting a review on the Stone Rose. Any other choices near there?

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        I was with a group recently at Stone Rose. It is a terrific place to sit and have some drinks but I would not go for the food. In fact, I was there for several hours and never saw a menu or anyone being served food so I did not even know they had tapas. Food must be more of an afterthought. Great place for drinks though.

      2. I have read so many reviews online for the Stone Rose that think we will be crossing this off our list. Still need a decent place for dinner and drinks if anyone can assist we will be very grateful.

        1. If you like Asian food with a bit of a French twist try the excellent Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental hotel next to the Time Warner building. Beautiful dining room with great views. Food is very good.

          They also have a cool bar if you would rather just do drinks...really stylish/classy place.

          1. I've never had food at Stone Rose, but there's nothing midpriced about it, especially the drinks.

            It's a bit further south and west, but take a look at Taboon (52nd/10th). Middle Eastern type fare with the most incredible bread and dipping sauces you'll ever have - fun place. Food/atmosphere are great.