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Freezeable meals for when the baby comes

My daughter is expecting in a few weeks. Does anyone have any tried and true ideas for freezable meals she can prepare now for later?

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  1. italian beef. when reheating just heat it through without boiling so meat doesn't toughen.

    chicken soup, but leave noodles out til ready to use or they'll mush up.

    baked mac and cheese

    spaghetti sauce

    I like to marinate & grill chicken breasts, then freeze. Very versatile, so convenient.

    all the best to your daughter.

    1. baked ziti is a good one.

      Congrats to you and your daughter!

      1. There's a thread here ( http://www.chowhound.com/topics/357170 ) that you might find helpful!

        And congratulations, too!

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          And another good one: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/33684... Funwithfood's Cream Apple Chicken is amazing!

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            That does look good! I think I'll slip that into next week's menu.

        2. I have the following in my freezer:

          Baked beans
          Refried beans
          Pasta sauces, w/ and w/o meat
          Creamy creamed soup (made of carrot, potato, onion)
          Lentil and chorizo soup/stew
          Beef stew
          Slow-cooked meats (a chili style and a BBQ style)

          These are each in identical plastic tubs, each good for 2-6 servings. Thaw in the ref, re-heat, serve with what is appropriate: tortillas, rice, or bread.

          1. Taco meat in batches for taco salad, questadias,
            Beef barley soup in small freezer bags
            Bag of frozen meatballs from M&M
            Pork and veg spring rolls from Costco (mmmm)
            Grilled chicken breasts cut up (great for stir/fry or pasta)

            I'm addicted to those bags of fresh baby carrots, for just munching or cut on the diag. or matchstick.

            1. These are all great suggestions. I would just add that it might be helpful to store and freeze in individual portions: I remember that, once the people left and the husband went back to work, it was nice to have something healthy available for just me in the middle of the day.

              1. I made lots of Italian stuffed shells while I was 9 months pregnant with my 2nd child. Boiled the shells, drained, stuffed with a spinach/garlic/onion/ricotta/mozzarella/egg mixture, then froze on a lined cookie sheet and transferred to Ziploc freezer bags. Homemade sauce can be frozen on the side; jarred sauce works fine, too. When it's time to eat, the shells can be thawed and baked a few at a time with sauce on top.

                1. Lasagne, individually portioned
                  Soups of most any kind (stews, french onion, zuppa toscana)
                  Breads/biscuits/rolls to go with the other foods
                  Pot roast, in gravy, in individual portions
                  Meatballs (turkey or regular, or like in my freezer right now, turkey pesto in tomato sauce)
                  Strombolis (then you can just pop them in the oven)
                  Spinach parmesan dip (can be used for lunch with baguette slices, or even put on top of chicken breast to "dress it up")
                  Pot pies (or homemade filling, frozen - then you can just heat it up and serve it with biscuits for a quick dinner)
                  TJ's chicken fajitas (and their handmade tortillas, frozen)
                  Alexia frozen mashed potatoes (obviously not as good as homemade, but with the pot roast it works well)
                  Brownies & cookies (must have dessert!)