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Looking for blogs on New Orleans/Louisiana/Creole/Cajun

I'm looking for blogs on any aspect of New Orleans / Louisiana / Creole / Cajun food. Home cooking, restaurants, etc.

Do you have any favorites?

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  1. The only one I know is http://www.nolacuisine.com and its sister site http://neworleanscuisine.blogspot.com

    There's also http://www.mostlycajun.com/wordpress but it's mostly not food.

    1. Try this one--it isn't exclusively about food, but the man does know his Creole and Cajun cooking.


      1. I like www.appetites.us

        1. If you are looking for Cajun or Creole food history and recipes, your best three bets would be:

          Gumbo Pages - Not the blog, but check out the Creole and Cajun recipe page at http://www.gumbopages.com/recipe-page...

          NolaCuisine - http://www.nolacuisine.com - he's got a lot of great classic recipes and great photography.

          and of course, www.NolaFoodie.com - check out the Louisiana Foods section for recipes, stories and history. Of course, it's my site.

          For some good writing about New Orleans food (restaurants and cooking), I second www.appetites.us.


          1. http://blackenedout.blogspot.com/


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              2nd the nod for blackenedout.blogspot.com

            2. One of my favorite hounds, Hungry Celeste, is from New Orleans and she has a great blog. She doesn't always focus just on Creole of Cajun, but she offers some great and sound advice.


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                Thanks for the shout-out, but in the interest of clarity, I am not from New Orleans.

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                  yes indeedy, hungry celeste, nice blog! (wow, this ain't cajun, but it looks awesome! http://bouillie.wordpress.com/2010/05...
                  i was going for a burger today, but now i have to go thai. ).

              2. I like the Gumbo Pages (others have posted link) and Tom Fitzmorris (New Orleans food critic) has recipes on his site http://www.nomenu.com/Recipe/

                Also, Chef John Folse has a website with recipes... http://www.jfolse.com/newfindrecipe.htm

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                  love folse's site!

                2. +2 for nolacuisine, some other favorites:

                  1. look at this -- john besh and paula deen are stepping up to help gulf fishermen. http://blogs.wherethelocalseat.com/po...

                    on the left is a menu of food bloggers from a ton of different cities, including new orleans! neat!