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Looking for blogs on New Orleans/Louisiana/Creole/Cajun

I'm looking for blogs on any aspect of New Orleans / Louisiana / Creole / Cajun food. Home cooking, restaurants, etc.

Do you have any favorites?

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    1. Try this one--it isn't exclusively about food, but the man does know his Creole and Cajun cooking.


        1. If you are looking for Cajun or Creole food history and recipes, your best three bets would be:

          Gumbo Pages - Not the blog, but check out the Creole and Cajun recipe page at http://www.gumbopages.com/recipe-page...

          NolaCuisine - http://www.nolacuisine.com - he's got a lot of great classic recipes and great photography.

          and of course, www.NolaFoodie.com - check out the Louisiana Foods section for recipes, stories and history. Of course, it's my site.

          For some good writing about New Orleans food (restaurants and cooking), I second www.appetites.us.


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              2nd the nod for blackenedout.blogspot.com

            2. One of my favorite hounds, Hungry Celeste, is from New Orleans and she has a great blog. She doesn't always focus just on Creole of Cajun, but she offers some great and sound advice.


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                Thanks for the shout-out, but in the interest of clarity, I am not from New Orleans.

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                  yes indeedy, hungry celeste, nice blog! (wow, this ain't cajun, but it looks awesome! http://bouillie.wordpress.com/2010/05...
                  i was going for a burger today, but now i have to go thai. ).

              2. I like the Gumbo Pages (others have posted link) and Tom Fitzmorris (New Orleans food critic) has recipes on his site http://www.nomenu.com/Recipe/

                Also, Chef John Folse has a website with recipes... http://www.jfolse.com/newfindrecipe.htm

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                  1. look at this -- john besh and paula deen are stepping up to help gulf fishermen. http://blogs.wherethelocalseat.com/po...

                    on the left is a menu of food bloggers from a ton of different cities, including new orleans! neat!