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Jan 10, 2007 03:17 PM

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

You know about being a repeat customer.

A die-hard loyal fan, you keep promoting your favorite restaurant, wondering why more people wouldn't try it.

Then there is the one which is so precious you'd like to keep it to yourself, worried that popularity might hurt it. You tell your close friends about it. (Or chounds)

Then there is the one everyone knows about, it may even be too crowded, but the food is so good you've got to have it now and then.

There is that one you habitually go to without even thinking. Reliable, always good, like eating at home, only better.

And then there is that upscale restaurant where your wallet is not completely happy, but it's such a good value that you don't really care.

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  1. Those who read my posts know I am a die hard Tu lan fan...I live in Asheville NC now and whenever I am in SF it is my fist stop.

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    1. re: jbyoga

      I'm with you. Love Tu Lan. I go there immediately after checking into the hotel, and the Cha Giao Bun is always perfect.

      And I love the atmosphere. ;)

    2. Kokkari, hands down. I've eaten there at least a dozen times over the past handful of years and whether for business or pleasure it has been consistently excellent.

      1. The die hard local fan restaurant and the oh so precious one i don't tell anyone are one and the same so i can't tell you....

        However, the one everyone knows about would be Chenery Park; more for convenience sake (it is close to home) and for the excellent warm chocolate desert.

        The one i habitually go to without thinking : Taqueria Cancun at Mission and Valencia

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        1. re: jupiter

          With due respect, it would be awfully ironic if a great little place went out of business because fans were trying to keep it a secret.


          1. re: uptown jimmy

            yeah yeah i know, and in all honesty, this place is not about to go anywhere. i tell people about it, and it has been discussed on this board before, (in fact someone mentions it in this post!)
            but the last few years i have been, there has been a line out the door and at least a half hour wait each visit. So i spread the joy and the love with discretion now....

            1. re: jupiter

              Figured as much. Just sorta teasing. If it needed help, I'm sure you'd be cheerleading... :)

        2. I've only been to the west coast once. I was lucky enough to go to the peninsula (is there an actual name for the peninsula that SF is on?). I was only there for a few days, but I went back to the Steelhead Brewery (Burlingame). Food and beer were good.

          The time I went back to the brew pub I met Angelo, one of the owners of Trattoria la Siciliana in Berkeley (my 18 month old daughter was running around the restaurant with his 2 year old nephew). He asked me to visit their restaurant. Told me to be sure to call ahead (I was going to visit my cousin's family in Alameda that evening). Unfortunately we couldn't make it. From what I've read, the "Trat" is definitely worth going back to. The food is excellent, but it can be difficult to get in at times. And there I was with a personal invitation from one of the owners. Hopefully next time.

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          1. re: RIChowderhead

            Lots of reports here on La Siciliana. Good food for the price but can be a long wait for a table.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              That's what I've read. And that's why I was disappointed that we couldn't make it. I think Angelo was basically offering us a preferred customer pass.

              Oh well, next time.

          2. Luella. I've been there with friends, parents, in-laws, work-related out of towners, and as a couple, and everyone is blown away. Parking can be a real pain though.