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Jan 10, 2007 03:12 PM

ideas for dinner tonight

Hi I recently just moved out on my own from my parents house and need help thinking of something to make for dinner tonight. I took out some frozen ground beef to thaw before I ledt for work this morning. Any ideas of what I should make out of it or what else I need to pick up to make a decent meal?


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  1. You're in Calgary? where it's nippy right now?

    how about some chili? easy, and not too fussy on the proportions.

    Grab a can of crushed tomatoes, sautee some diced onions (I like button mushrooms in my chili but that's tres not-done for real chili) and a can of kidney beans if you're not Texan. A package of chili powder (if you don't have a spice cupboard yet) and you're good to go.

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      Thanks that's a good idea. Any other suggestions?

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        My first thought was chili, too--a good pot of chili will take you through several meals. Here are a few others:
        --Good ol' spaghetti sauce w/ground beef in it. If you're feeling ambitious, make meatballs!
        --mix browned gb, sauteed onions, cooked rice & grated cheese, stuff into portobello or other large mushroom caps & bake.
        --the obvious: burgers.
        --make picalilli filling for american-style crunchy tacos.

    2. Shepherd's pie (technically that uses lamb -- if you use beef it is cottage pie). Saute some onion and garlic, add your meat till it's browned, then add some chopped tomatoes or tomato paste plus chicken broth, a favorite herb (I like rosemary in this) and some vegetable (could use frozen mixed, or I like to use frozen spinach and some canned small white beans), plus salt and pepper. You want it well-seasoned and not too saucy. Put in baking dish and top with mashed potato and bake for about 30 mins at 350. I make a big batch and freeze in 1 cup portions and thaw as many as I need. Add a salad and you have great comfort food!