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Real Butchers in Baltimore

Any suggestions for really good butchers (not just "meat cutters") in Baltimore. I'm familiar with the various markets and some of the more higher end places (e.g. Ceriello's,Eddies). What I'm looking for is kind of an old fashion butcher shop.


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  1. The one I use is Laurel Meat Market in Laurel (of course). It's not "in" Baltimore, but they're not that far, and they're definitely an old fashioned butcher shop, with really excellent meat and reasonable prices.

    1. There's Trueth's in Oella (Catonsville) but I haven't been there in years.

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        THanks a lot. If by chance you have a phone number for Trueth's or Truths - please feel free to pass it on. I tried looking it up in anywho.com but didn't find it.

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          JW Treuth & Sons
          328 Oella Avenue
          Catonsville, MD 21228

      2. It ain't Baltimore, but there is Bullocks in Westminster

        1. I'm curious about this too. I'm looking to bbq a beef brisket, and I've heard that you want the flat and the point, etc. Where can I go for this?

          1. i just also posted this under a request for veal bones, but there's a farm about 25 minutes north off 83 http://www.ourspringfieldfarm.com/

            they don't do their own butchering, but you can special order any kind of cut you want and it will be fresh when you pick it up. they also have a bunch of fresh and frozen available if you don't order. all from humanely (seriously) raised animals. they have pork, beef, chicken, veal, etc. i got a chicken last weekend that was so fantastic.

            1. Treuth (or however it's spelled) is terrific! They sometimes have specials that are even cheaper than the supermarkets. Worth seeking out.

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                  I was looking for a good butcher as well and found Treuth's mentioned here a few years ago in the archives. I went there this morning and it was busy!

                  I bought a choice rib roast for 9.98 a pound. Apparently they run specials for two weeks. They currently have NY Strip for 9.98.

                  The lady helping me says their beef is aged for 10 days. The cut I had felt pretty dry. I am letting age a few more days in the fridge before I enact the Alton Brown cooking method.

                  That being said, I was looking for a good butcher since I typically buy my meats from Costco. While the costco meats are great priced, they are usually light in flavor-at least their rib eye, NY strip, and filets. Hopefully this rib roast will taste great. If it's not significantly better, I guess I will be returning to Costco. Costco's price for a boneless rib eye roast was 7.49 as opposed to Treuths's 11.99.

                  Another point in seeking a butcher was the "advice" in meat selection. While they were very helpful, being busy didn't offer the most conducive environment to talk meat. The lady helping me today, didn't even seem to understand the term "prime". When I asked if they had any prime cuts of a rib roast (aka prime rib)-she didn't know and her mentor pointed to the choice cut I had just bought.

                  Oh well-I'll wait on Monday to see how it tastes.