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Jan 10, 2007 02:40 PM

Staten Island Italian....

Just read a nice review on Caffe Bondi - anyone ever there? What about Paoluccis? Both restaurants were originally in Manhattan. Paoluccis was on Mulberry St for 35 years and Caffe Bondi was in the Flat Iron District.
Any insight?????
Caffe Bondi
1816 Hylan Boulevard
(718) 668-0100

Zagat says this new Dongan Hills Italian restaurant is a "delightful surprise" for "authentic Sicilian" at "value" prices. Zagat adds this eatery boasts a "lovely" dining room and patio, and also "courteous" service.

As for the ratings, out of a possible 30, Caffe Bondi receives a 22 for food, a 19 for decor, and a 20 for service. Expect to spend about $37 a meal here.

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  1. I haven't been to Bondi, but Paolucci's on Forest Ave. is just lovely. I went with my husband and one other couple. We had the warm antipasto - says it is for two but it easily served four - and then gnocchi, pork chops, steak and pasta with broccoli rabe. The pasta was al dente, the meat was succulent and we had oodles of leftovers. The wine list is not spectacular, but we had a nice Montepulciano that served us all well.

    For a more upscale Italian meal, I would try Angelina's. could be the best Italian on the Island in my opinion.

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      Thanks MP but actually going with a friend and looking for something alittle more fun...not as romantic as Angelinas. Would you suggest Paoluccis for that?

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        Oh, thenyes, Paolucci's would be perfect - from the red vested waiters to the mouantin of tender chops. Very chatty place, but not loud - if that makes sense. You just can tell the other tables are havig a nice eveing as well. you can also pop into Three Lounge, two doors away for a nightcap if you're having THAT good a time!