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Saturday Lunch in Wethersfield Ct?

In Wethersfield looking at apartments on Saturday for a move to the Hartford area. Where should we go for lunch? Looking especially for south of the city, Newington, Wethersfield, Glastonbury. Send us someplace that would be a regular stop if we moved there.


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  1. best lunch in wethersfield is the spicy green bean on main st, but its M-F only. new sandwich shop just opened, seems good..

    black cup cafe

    another good lunch spot on saturdays is la rosa marketplace on brown st in hartford (south end near weth line). they were take-out only but recently put in 10 or so tables.

    1. Village Pizza in Old Wethersfield is supposed to have great burgers! I went with 3 friends and they all had burgers and loved them (at the recommendation of an OW local). I had a BLT and it was one of the best I've had outside of my own kitchen.


      1. Wood 'n Tap on Silas Deane Hwy is a pub style place with good food.

        1. If you like cheesesteak, you have to try Doogies in Newington. They also have a two-foot hot dog, too!

          1. Ah the cheesesteaks at Doogies are awesome. I tried one in 2006 and quickly became hooked. I can't bring myself to order a dog (and I love a good hot dot) when I go there now because the cheesesteaks are so delicious.

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              you might consider turning a few blocks north to Franklin Ave - south end of Hartford - known as the block for Italian eateries.
              I had lunch at a small shop there about a year ago - don't remember the name - just how to get there...was on the north end of Franklin Ave, east side of the street....maybe someone knows the name and if it is stll there
              If I recollect correctly, this was a storefront that the owner had converted to a small eatery for her catering business -- - but absolutely delicious salads, sandwiches, soups and a few hot entrees....

            2. There's a great Thai place on the Silas Deane Highway called Puket Cafe. It's right across the street from Wethersfield Shopping Plaza.

              City Fish(also on the Silas Deane Highway) has great fried fish and chips--it's all takeout for now.

              If you are into diner style food, Kens in Glastonbury.

              Pazzo in Rocky Hill or Glastonbury has very good sandwiches and salads--although a bit noisy atmosphere.

              Giovannis (Wethersfield or Glastonbury) has very good pizza.

              For Hot Dogs, I prefer Roscos on Franklin Ave(not far from the Wethersfield line) in Hartford to Doogies.

              I've heard good things about Semolina and Tribeca in Glastonbury--but have never eaten at either one.

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                i have had some bad experiences with puket. watery sauces and their tom yum soup lacks seasoning. also had some gristly chicken in one of their thai salads.

                giovanni's pizza is ok, but very good?

                semolina is decent too but way overpriced with panera around the corner, cheaper, and comparable quality. semolina is usually empty too (not a good sign IMO)

                pazzo.. noisy?

                and finally, rosco's is now closed. it is moving to main st.. will be reopening for spring right next to city steam.

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                  I passed Roscos yesterday and it has closed.

                2. Thanks for all the replies so far, it may be a tough choice to pick just one. These will be great for move though too, looking forward to exploring a new place. keep 'em coming if any body has any more.

                  1. If you like Peruvian, Brazilian, or Puerto Rican you will find many places in Hartford on the south side of the city close to Wethersfield.

                    On the northside of the city you will find a lot of great Jamaican restaurants.