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Jan 10, 2007 02:16 PM

UES Saturday Brunch

Have some guests coming in for Saturday brunch and I never go out for brunch on Saturdays! Any suggestions near the UES (or we can meet them near Grand Central)? Thanks

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  1. It's a little pricey and lots of Chowhounders seem to find it unexceptional ... but I really enjoy brunch at Sarabeth's. There are multiple locations--notably for you, one at 92nd/Madison and another on Central Park South between 5th and 6th Ave.

    I love the eggs benedict and the pumpkin muffins, but there's lots of good stuff.

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      I second Sarabeth's, it's one of my favorite brunch places

    2. Panorama on 85th and 2nd has a pretty traditional and inexpensive brunch menu. The restaurant is also quite large so it's good for groups.

      I really enjoy the upstairs cafe at Eli's Vinegar Factory on 91st between 1st and York as well. It's a bit out of the way, but well worth a vist to the market on your way out.

      1. I've not yet been to Cafe d'Alsace, but it's a favorite of my daughter and her boyfriend. Brunch is served there on Saturday.

        Interestingly, it's a sister restaurant of Marseille, which is a favorite of mine, is not too far from Grand Central, and serves brunch on Saturday. Very popular with the pre-Saturday matinee crowd, so reservations are a must!

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          we went to cafe d'alsace once. the food was pretty good, as i remember, and the atmosphere is kind of fun. i'd recommend it even though i remember the service being a bit less than stellar.

          for something different, there's supposed to be a terrific restaurant inside the neue galerie.

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            In the Neue Galerie, that would be Cafe Sabarsky. I've had lunch there. The food is delicious, and the dining room is beautiful. They don't serve "brunch." It's either their breakfast menu until 11 a.m., or after that, their all-day lunch/dinner menu.

        2. I've mentioned a spot called Uptown on a few posts... a great brunch deal... two drinks and an entree for $15. Excellent burger and above average brunch food.

          And the other UES spot that gets mentioned all the time is Cafe d-Alsace, and rightfully so.

          Another suggestion is Yura & Co., the location on 92nd and 3rd is the one I am familiatr with. Always very creative omlette specials.

          1. I think the brunches at Aquagrill are fantastic!