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Jan 10, 2007 02:14 PM

Newport and Providence - Jan. 19-21?

Hi! My husband and I are going to be staying in Newport January 19-21. We're from Philadelphia (the city, not the suburbs), we're in our early 30's and we're looking for some good, casual, affordable suggestions for lunch, dinner and post-dinner drinks. We would especially like some suggestions for places that serve good local specialties and microbrews. We'll most likely go to Providence for a daytrip, so suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. In Newport, Cafe Zelda is pretty good. Scales & Shells for mod-priced seafood.

    For dinner in Providence w/a nice atmosphere but reasonable prices I'd suggest Parkside or Rue de L'Espoir. Oh - definitely Nick's on Broadway for breakfast and lunch.

    1. We had one terrible dinner experience at Parkside (both food and service), so I wouldn't recommend it. It could have been a fluke, but it was bad enough for us not to wish to return. And this was very recently too.
      One suggestion I'd make is Mediterraneo (Federal Hill).

      1. Wow - I've never had a bad meal at Parkside, not lunch or dinner. Last time I went was dinner at 2 mo ago, midweek.

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          Yup, same here, been a half dozen times and not a problem, very much enjoyed the food, atmosphere.

        2. For microbrews in Providence, Union Station is right in down town. In Middletown (between Newport and PVD) is Coddington Brew Pub. Both offer excellent beer and very good food.

          For seafood in Prov., try Hemenway's. For the best hot dog you've ever had, try Spike's in Prov.

          For a small pub in Providence, try The Wild Colonial. Great selection of beer and liquor with a nice atmosphere, but the menu is limited. That wouldn't be a bad choice for drinks after dinner, but the real winner is L'Elizabeth's Cafe. Awesome desert and coffee. Hemenway's, The WC, L'Elizabeth's are all about 1 block from each other. Union Station is maybe 4 blocks from there.

          Back in Newport, I second the suggestion for Scales n Shells for good seafood. For old-fashioned fried clams, Flo's on First Beach in Newport is unbeatable, but note they're cash only. For good all-around food, I like Brick Alley Pub in Newport.

          Enjoy your time in Newport, I know I do every time I visit.

          1. If you're in Providence (might be just into Cranston) on a Thurs-Sat, there is a VFW or American Legion Hall over in the Silver Lake neighborhood. I think it's called the Franchi Post. They turn the hall into an Italian restaurant. It's cheap and good (especially for lunch). It's on Randall St. near the corner of Atwood Ave. (Rte5)(do not confuse with Atwells Ave.)

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              Mike's Kitchen is what you're referring to. It's not in Providence, it's well into Cranston, almost on the Johnston line.

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                Mike's Kitchen? I never saw that designation, but it doesn't mean it isn't so. You're right though. It's in Knightsville now that I think about it.