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Fine Dining Restaurant Near 61st and 1st

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Not Joel Roublechon--
So far my ideas are Jean George (which I know is kind of far), Daniel and davidburke and donatella. Any other advice?

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  1. How about Aureole?

    I love davidburke and donatella and have had outstanding meals and service every time i've been. If you're a small party, i'd try to request one of the booths so you aren't in the center of the dining room. It definitely makes for a more enjoyable dining experience.

    1. You should try my all time favorite restaurant: Aureole where you'll find delicious food, attentive service and lovely atmosphere. Aureole is located at 61 St. between Park and Madison.

      1. Maya, upscale mexican at 64 and 1st...not necessarily "fine," but the best gourmet mexican food in the city. make sure to try their corn soup.

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            Chef Wayne Nish closed March on Jan. 1st and is re-tooling it into a less formal place. Should re-open at the end of January. I've never been, but from what I've read, most people feel the quality of the food had been in steep decline for quite some time.

            1. If you leave thar intersection by more then 50 feet you are amking a mistake, unless you are leaving for some atmostpheric consideration or because you don't wish to eat Italian. Cantina Toscana's food is among the best Italian in New York, and it is the second storefron south of the intersection. The place on the southeast corner is nothing to walk a block for, but the next one south has great food.

              Otherwise, Rosa Mexicana is great relative to Maya, which gets to good.

              The tapas place at 59th and 1st is maybe very good to ok depending on night.

              And otherwise, don't eat for atmosphere or really fine food within a number of blocks.

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                The tapas place on 59th and 1st is definitely NOT Fine dining.

                Daniel is wonderful - Service, Ambience and Food. It's an exceptional restaurant.

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                  Well, I would rank fine as superior to very good. So, yes, the tapas place is not FINE. I was trying to give a run down of where I would and do eat in that area, since I live right there.

                  Also, I readily admit that I hardly ever care a lick for "formal" ambience in any restaurant, and only expect service to be pleasant and to pay me something close to the proper amount of attention. Formal service is not something I look for or desire. Food and comfort are about my only criteria. For example, I enjoy the food from Rosa Mexicana, but I find the usually crowded atmosphere uncomfortable. The tapas place is out done in food by a number in NYC, but as far as comfort, it's pretty good.

                  As far as getting great food and being comfortable, nothing in that immediate area can touch Cantina Toscana.

                  Daniel is not comparable to any of these places in terms of ambience, being more formal and less comfortable than something I'd enjoy, and in terms of the price. It's comparing apples and oranges.

                  I think we were respoding to and with far different standards in mind.

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                    The poster was asking for chowhound opinions on "Fine Dining" in the context of Daniel and Jean Georges. Thus, I read "Fine Dining" to mean "Fine Dining" in the most objective (and traditional sense) even if others believe that standard to be stuffy and formal. I do not believe mle18 was asking about our opinion on food and comfort, but was rather seeking recommendations for a restaurant with the utmost on standards as applied to classical service, cuisine, with ambience and price to match.

                    Hey, I am trying to stick with the integrity of the original question. After all, our mission here is to try to answer the questions posted - not simply to air our own tangential opinions about the merits of "superior to good dining."

                    I will also second Aureole.

              2. No offense, Rosa Mexicana is the most generic, overrated mexican restaurant in the city.

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                  Well, I would disagree about the quality of it's food, which I like, but I will admit that I simply do not like going to the restaurant and dealing with the crowd. When I eat the food, more often than not, it's delivered. And if I were to otherwise criticize it, the value you get is not that high. I like the food, but some of it is overpriced. As a former Astoria resident, the difference in quality between some little holes in the wall in Astoria and Rosa Mexicana is not nearly as wide the the difference in prices. Unfortunately, my favorite place in Astoria for Mexican has closed.

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                    Rosa Mexicano is not innovative and does not take risks. I assume that that is what you mean by generic. Nonetheless, the food at the original First Avenue outpost is consistently good, and the guacamole is first rate. There is nothing wrong with unpretentious food that is made well.

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                      Is Rosa Mexicano Fine Dining???

                    1. Isn't Jo Jo nearby? (JGV's first? restaurant in the City)

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                        64th between 3rd & Lex - think I read in the NYT recently that they've had a renovation and are a little more casual now.

                      2. Sushi Seki on 1st Avenue b/w 62nd and 63rd is one of the best sushi restaurants in Manhattan. IMO it ranks #2 behind Sushi of Gari.

                        1. As much as Maya, but I was responding to the statement that "Rosa Mexicana is the most generic, overrated mexican restaurant in the city".