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Jan 10, 2007 01:22 PM

Love to Study at Cozy Coffee/Tea Shops

I can only study at coffee shops. I don't drink coffee, but love good tea/tea drinks and muffins. Any suggestions? I like the Soy Luck Club, but am looking for new places.

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  1. Oh, Ceci Cela is so cozy and great in Soho on Spring street.

    1. God, this post brings me back to the "studying for the bar exam days" ... I recommend: Cafe Pick Me Up on Avenue A, a cafe whose name escapes me on 6th street between avenues B and C, Dean and Deluca in midtown (they leave you alone), Ini Ani on Rivington in the LES, and a cafe on Mercer right below Houston Street (forget name)

      Ceci cela is nice, but there are rarely open seats there as the back space is TINY.

      1. I enjoy 71 Irving and they also have a full menu if your studying overlaps with mealtime.

        1. I'm a fan of Le Gamin on 5th between A and B. You'll have access to all kinds of treats and it's relativley quiet.

          1. Also, Cafe Orlin on St. Mark's a little larger, but still cozy if you find a seat by the window. Cafe Mogador, also on St. Mark's can be nice as well. 71 Irving is great, but I think a bit overpriced. Pick Me Up is also good but sometimes a strange vibe.