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Jan 10, 2007 01:15 PM

Caruso Gourmet Pizza in Bolton

Went yesterday and as always a large selection of specialty slices. Favourites are the vegetable Primavera or the meaty mushroom Tre Fungi. However, yesterday out of character, went for the Meat Lover's slice loaded with various meats. Always something amazing in tastws and the slice yesterday was so delectable a crust that as you took a bite it was fairly thin and both tasty and crusy holding the heavy meat easily! If in the area, closed Mondays I believe, just north of the Beer Store at the top end of a 2 level strip mall. They have a web site by the way!

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    Going this weekend on my way back from Caledon - will report back.

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      They have good thick crust pizza with plentiful toppings. I enjoyed the "stir fry" slice. I also wanted to try Bulls Eye (baked egg), Tuna, and others.

      The Spring 2009 issue of Caledon Living magazine rated Caruso 8/10, the highest score out of 8 contenders. They compared meat lovers at each place.

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        Yes, the Caledon Living magazine issue rated 6 chains plus 2 actual Pizzaria,s. I called Domenic yesterday and today bought a pizza, he and I'm surte he and Dina are pleased being rewarded for their hard work and real care! He mentioned that a few people have also come in since to show the article and he was unaware that the test was being conducted. There were comments, but a look at the ratings out of 10 Boston PIzza 4.9, Pizza Pizza 5.1, Pizza Hut 5.6, Pizza Nova 6.3, Pizzaville 6.9 and Pizza Depot 7.0 from the chains. Comment on chains, all poor pizzas and Pizza Depot had to be in Las Vegas to get that high of a raing, no way!! Baffo's Pizza was decades ago the only Pizzeria in Bolton, owned and run by same 2 Italians, the rate of 5.9 seems low, but the problem is the score dependent on who makes the pizza, it could be much higher or also even lower. Congratulations to Caruso Gourmet Pizza for the winning 8.0, no surprise!!!! And today's pizza was superb!!!!!

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          By the way Baffo's Pizza in Bolton recently was locked up apparently their move to a a high scale cliental location, high prices for the food, having gone from 15 to 60 employees was not successful. It was once Bolton's only pizzeria and food was always an issue as to the probabilities of quality. often great pizza, more often not so. Caruso Gourmet Pizza continues to offer the greatest pizza and a few Friday's a ago, I opened the door to go in for a take out slice and had to leave, there was a line up of several dozen people. The chains continue to offer their inferior stuff, Pizza Hut long gone, but if in Bolton from out of town, sign in the book on the back counter at Caruso Gourmet Pizza!!

    2. Those pictures had me checking out the GO bus schedule to Bolton. It is doable if I don't linger over the last espresso.

      1. Once again Caruso Gourmet Pizza has won the best Pizza in the GTA. Last week an article in a local paper with picture congratulated Dominic and company. This win was impressive done at the Breakfast TV show!!!!!!

        1. This is the best pizza place I've ever been to! I miss not being in Bolton as often...worth a trip for GREAT slices!

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            Birlgirl, you are ever so right about the slices. I always pick a slice and as it is warming, I second guess myself looking at the slices again, thinking maybe should have that one or that one. Getting there between 11.30 and Noon is my agenda, but about a month ago, mids afternoon and hungry got a slice that was just still so fresh!!!! All those chains with terrible slices that are not even good from the start, please hang your heads in shame. A little tip in that they cut the slice in half and if 2 of you order, they will split the order so you both essentially have 2 different parts!!! I often order a regular style whole pizza and it too is terrific!!!!

          2. Caruso Gourmet Pizza some months ago moved south at the top of the South Hill and are open expanded hours in a much larger location, still on the west side of the street, , the building next to the Albion Bolton Community Centre. If you have gone down the hill into the valley, turn around and at the top of the hill, put on your right turn signal at the first driveway/first street and you are there!!! Great sit down now, food unchanging excellence!!!!

            Caruso Gourmet Pizza
            334 Queen St S, Bolton, ON L7E2N9, CA