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Jan 10, 2007 12:48 PM

First Time to Brooklyn - Help

We are going to head into Brooklyn on Sunday for the first time.

What area(s) would be a good introduction. Would like to do a little bit of shopping and have a great lunch. We like all types of food.


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  1. Atlantic Avenue is a good place for shopping and eating -- check out Sahadi's for great middle eastern and gourmet items, Damascus Bakery for middle eastern sweets and pita bread and there an array of good restaurants including Downtown Atlantic which in my humble opinion has the best cupcakes in NYC.

    1. Sahadi's is closed on Sunday, not sure about Damascus. There are other middle eastern shops on Atlantic that are open, but Sahadi's really is the best. There's also Court St. and Smith St. off Atlantic that have a bunch of shops and restaurants.

      1. Sahadis is closed on Sundays, but Damascus and Oriental Pastry will both be open. If you do Atlantic, maybe check out Chip Shop's full English breakfast on Sundays.

        Dumbo might be a worthwhile trip - scenic, a bit of shopping, and fun bluegrass brunch @ Superfine or pizza @ Grimaldis; or
        5th Ave in Park Slope from Atlantic down to 9th St - plenty of boutiques and great food. Sundays are tough to find lunch though - everyone seems to serve brunch these days.

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          I second Grimaldi's and the ice cream shop (Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory?) just down the street on the water. Spectacular!!!!!

          1. re: sheilal

            If you're going to go to DUMBO, you MUST go to Jacques Torres chocolate shop!

            1. re: ballulah

              What about Foragers Market?

              Are they still there?

              Havent been down there in a while.

          2. Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. Shop and eat along Smith Street. Start out at Atlantic and continue down to Carroll Street F station.

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            1. re: chow_gal

              Second this, plus if you're driving you may want to check out Red Hook as well.

              Brunch at Chestnut and sandwich cookies from Baked! I'm not sure where you're coming from but Fairway may be a needed stop as well.

              One suggestion I want to add is to visit out the Brooklyn Now site:

              You can also pick up their printed brochure (free) in many of the shops/restaurants in the area. Their map is great for someone checking out these neighborhoods for the first time. Keep in mind it's paid advertising but it does include a handy list of restaurants and food shops/cafes/bakeries.

              1. re: CornflakeGirl

                Definitely second the Chestnut brunch suggestion for a sunday.

                Check out Stinky cheese shop nearby for some wonderful cheeses and serrano ham on the bone.

              2. re: chow_gal

                And go just a little past the Carroll St. stop and you'll see Joe's (Su)perette, a very unprepossessing little grocery. Go in and order a few prosciutto balls. But watch out, they are not cheap (maybe $2 each) and are more addictive than crack.

                1. re: bobjbkln

                  50 cents each!

                  And, yes. More addictive than crack.

                  1. re: Larry Brooks

                    Yes, thanks for the correction. Don't know why I thought they were more. We usually buy them by the dozens (for a party) and we sure didn't pay $24 a tray!.

                2. re: chow_gal

                  I'll reply to myself that in Carroll Gardens you could also go to Court Street to Caputo's for great cheeses, salumi, bread, olives; Court Street Bakery for Itailian pastires and cookies and eat at Frankie's down on the far end where there are also some retail shops, as another poster suggested.

                3. Ditto, ditto, and ditto on Chestnut, but try to get there either just before they open at 11:30, or toward closing, b/c they only do brunch on Sundays and it gets pretty packed. While I've never been, I've heard that Le Petite Cafe, around Court and 4th Place, is good, so you may want that as a Plan B. That area of Court Street (the south end) has some new, cute shops of the Smith St. variety. If you get bored with shopping and eating (as if this could happen!), or the weather's bad, there's a movie theater on Court and Butler.

                  If you don't have a car but want to check out Red Hook, you can get the B61 bus from various places in Brooklyn -- downtown by the Jay St.-Borough Hall subway station, then on the north side of Atlantic until Columbia St., then on the west side of Hicks to Sackett, and then at many points on Van Brunt bet. Sackett and the Fairway, at the v. end of Van Brunt. As you make your way down Van Brunt, you'll see many good eating and shopping places, as well as stellar views of the harbor and the Stature of Liberty. Have fun!