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Jan 10, 2007 12:37 PM

Looking for a great cup of hot cocoa

Is there any restaurant in D.C. or Md. that prepares hot cocoa like Jacques Torres in NYC? (Not interested in Va.)

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  1. I think people are divided on it (I'm kind of neutral myself), but have you tried the $5 hot chocolate at Murky (on Capitol Hill)?

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    1. re: strawberryfrog

      That article in the Post yesterday made it sound really good. They said it was more like a European chocolatier made hot chocolate than American hot cocoa. Might be very similar to Jacques Torres's.

    2. How does Jacques Torres prepare hot cocoa? Are you looking for better than everage cup of hot chocolate or something specifically in this style of prep? Some traditional mexican restaurants do delicious hot chocolate - but it may be different than what you are thinking

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      1. re: ChocoHound

        Don't know how JT prepares cocoa, but it tastes almost like hot melted chocolate, not like anything I've ever had. It was the richest, most delicious hot drink I've ever had.

        1. re: kolomya

          Try Mixtec in Adams Morgan. I'm not familiar with Maryland but if you ask around at your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant it is likely made the traditional way and will taste rich.

          I also recommend Java Green on 19th street near K. The syrup they use is delicious ---much better than you'll find at most chain coffee shops but it may not be as thick or rich as what you have in mind.

          1. re: kolomya

            In that case, you want the $5 Hot Chocolate from Murky Coffee. Bring a friend and share. It's very rich, and a full 12 oz cup.

            1. re: MikeR

              If the hot chocolate there is anything like City Bakery in Manhattan, then I can second bringing a friend. It's like drinking about 7 melted cholocate bars. Sinful, delicious, but I can't drink an entire cup by myself.

        2. Not sure what's special about Jacques Torres' hot chocolate, but Starbuck's makes terrific hot cocoa. It's so rich that I get it sans whipped cream.

          1. I've had the hot chocolate at Jacques Torres, and I have yet to find anything to compare. But if you ever do, report back. If I could get that around here, I would be in heaven.

            1. Cafe Sureia in Brookland -- 12th and Otis NE -- makes Jacques Torres hot chocolate. Not sure if it as the Brooklyn original since I have not been there, but it is that thick, rich, somewhere-between-a-drink-and-sauce, JT hot chocoalate.