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Jan 10, 2007 10:10 AM

Cutting my silpat?

Is it true that I cannot cut my brand new giagantic silpat?? I was hoping to make 2 sheet pan covers out of it but the nytimes article today says nay! What do you all say?

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    1. Some silicone mats are made for cutting to fit pans. Some or not made for cutting and the instructions explicitly say not to cut. The ones not to cut are the ones with woven fiberglass in the silicone.You wouldn't want fine, fiberglass fibers getting into your food, onto your kitchen surfaces, into the air, etc.

      1. Do not!

        * Do not use scrapers or brushes to clean the Silpat®
        * Do not cut the Silpat® or ON the Silpat®
        * Do not fold the Silpat®
        * Do not grease the Silpat®


        * Never use a cut or ripped Silpat® as glass weave could migrate to the food.
        * Please avoid the use of automatic dishwashers, as they may harm the Silpat®

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        1. re: Karl Gerstenberger

          * If Silpat® begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.
          * Silpat® may stick to certain types of skin.
          * Ingredients of Silpat® include an unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.
          * Do not taunt Silpat®.

            1. re: Buckethead

              Where do migratory glass fibers winter? Do migratory glass fibers mate for life? Are domesticated glass fibers as dangerous as wild glass fibers?

            2. Cutting it would expose the woven fiberglass which would be very bad.

              1. If you're just cutting it in half, I'd say go ahead. I've done it. Yes, that edge will fray, so don't bake anything too close to that edge, and you won't have problems.

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                1. re: babette feasts

                  ditto what bf says. I cut a big silpat in two several years back. It doesnt really fray and I work away from the edges - note also that Im seeing that the silicon coating on the uncut edges gradually wears off, leaving the other edges in a similar condition.

                  1. re: babette feasts

                    Asbestos used to be considered safe as well...