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Jan 10, 2007 07:58 AM

kinryu ramen in osaka 金龍 ラーメン (review with pics)

with but one night to spend in osaka, where else would a foodie go but doutombori? i pretty much scarfed down kani doraku hot pot, two kinds of takoyaki, and finally, kinryu ramen, probably a fairly touristy destination considering its locale (and not to mention the big dragon on the roof). they serve a tonkotsu ramen that is closer to champon than anything you'd find in kyushu, and based on a mention or two here i decided to check it out. it wasn't altogeher bad, and a fine way to kill a segment of the evening, people-watching while slurping at one of their open-air raised tatami platforms.

here's the deets and pics:

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