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Jan 10, 2007 06:02 AM

Best Malaysian food in NYC?

this chicagoan (only 1 malaysian eatery here) only has 2 days to satisfy her deep cravings for authentic malaysian delights. midtown preferable...

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  1. Too bad about Midtown; forget that. The best Malaysian food I know of in New York is Skyway, on Allen St. between Canal and Division. Take the F train from any of a number of stops on 6th Av., depending on your starting point (47th/50th, 42nd, 34th) to East Broadway and walk along Canal away from the park and toward the Manhattan Bridge entrance. When you get to Allen St., cross, then turn left and walk a few feet.

    Many people praise the "new Malaysian" food at Fatty Crab in the Meat Packing District (and some hounds have loudly criticized it), but I haven't been there yet.

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      some hounds have also not been blown away by skyway. fatty crab is my pick for the best food and Nyonya on Grand isnt bad either for a more traditional experience.

    2. Just in case you see it and get excited - do not bother trying Penang on Columbus & 71st. I really shouldn't have expected much, but still a big disappointment. It may be edible, but it ain't no Malaysian.

      1. Chinatown: Sanur on Doyer St is very authentic. If you want somewhere cleaner with better decor, Nyonya on Grand St is a perennial favorite. Singapore Cafe, Jaya and Taste Good aren't bad either.

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          can't comment on authenticity, but Sanur is very tasty. It certainly is a whole in the wall though.

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            I've found the food at Sanur very underwhelming.

        2. I used to eat at Banana Leaf in Bay Ridge until they closed it down, does anyone know anything in the approximate area that is anywhere near as good?

          1. "It may be edible, but it ain't no Malaysian."

            Ain't that the truth. It was one of the first of the relatively new restaurants around with overpriced, average-at-best food that have been cropping up around here for the past 10 years. It's pretty much comparatively expensive neighborhood Chinese with what I'll charitably call a Pacific Rim twist, served amid slightly nicer than run-of-the-mill decor.

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              Penang makes a good roti canai. The rest of the food is hardly edible. All of the entrees come smothered in sauces that taste like they come out of a can.