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Jan 10, 2007 05:42 AM

Bistro in the 5th

Before going off to Morocco, we will be spending a few days in Paris. We've been to Paris numerous times. We are looking for suggestions for a down to earth, good food, good service, not to expensive bistro. We are staying in the 5th. So something in the 1st, 2nd or 6th would be great.

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  1. Le Reminet in the 5th is down to earth, the food is very good. I wish I knew the name of the woman who waits on the tables. She is extremely professional and attentive. Ask her advice about the wine. She knows what she's talking about. Don't be lazy, though. Show some knowledge or opinion, even if it's just choosing your water. M. le Chef always checks on each table to see how you like his cooking. We always ask for a table downstairs in the old wine cave. It's not so loud and hectic as the main room above. We haven't been there for a year so things may have changed, but Le Reminet has been a restaurant we returned to each time we were in Paris. If you try it I hope you have the same experience we've come to look forward to.

    1. Price range at Le Reminet? Sounds terrific.

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        As I recall we spent about 75-85 Euros, wine included. Even if you don't eat there check out the Place it sits on. It's really a charming little spot. Also, there's a cheaper place kind of kitty-corner from Le Reminet which serves Moroccan and French fare but since you're in transit to Morocco you might want to pass on it. There is a website called Pages Jaune that maps any address in Paris and also shows photographs of the address itself and views to the left and right and across the street. It's so much fun. Take a peek!