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Jan 10, 2007 04:44 AM

The 2007 "Saveur 100" - Zankou Rated #13 [moved from L.A. board]

A day late and a dollar short, we've known about Zankou for some time, I've known about it for at least 8 years.

As some of you have seen via Chow Postings, Zankou has slipped in ratings with some Chowhounds. I've noticed that the famous garlic sauce now comes pre-packaged. I haven't had a bad experience with Zankou, but just found it wild that Saveur Magazine has finally noticed it this year.

Goes to show you that NY based magazines don't give West Coast establishments much credit or when they do it's a bit late. Savuer isn't so bad, but as for GOURMET .. I stopped reading it long ago because the world does not revolve around NYC.

In any event, the Saveur Top 100 is always something I look forward to and this year is no exception, just thought I'd share this info.

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  1. Magazines and beyond, I think East Coast establishments often don't really consider the West, except sometimes CA (mostly LA or SF). I recently moved to NYC from Seattle and definitely get the subtle and not so subtle vibe that NYC is IT. Not sure I agree.

    I just got my Saveur and always relish the top 100. I always learn something new and interesting from it.

    1. fyi, based on what they said in the editors note at the beginning, they aren't listed by a ranking. They say it's random, but as a math guy, I know that doesn't exist.

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      1. re: amkirkland

        It's not a ranking, it's just a fairly random selection of a hundred things they like.

        Numbers sell magazines, at least people in the magazine business are convinced that's the case.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          no kidding, 27 thanksgiving menus, 15 low fat recipes for the grill...

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Definitely. Note that F&W has come up with 100 tastes for 2007.

        2. Zankou has not only slipped but sunk like a stone in the view of most chowhouds in LA, from what I've read. IMO it's so far down the list in terms of available quality eats it's on a par with supermarket roast chickens. That Saveur would put it in a "Top 100" is astonishing and laughable.

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          1. re: Mr. Cookie

            Give me a break. I've been going to Zankou since it was a one-man operation in a stinking ghetto minimall, and the chickens are the same as they've ever been, which is to say pretty great. In this case, the sky-is-falling contingent so prominent on Chowhound is just wrong.

            And as for the supposed East Coast bias of national food magazines - Gourmet is edited by a former Californian. Saveur until quite recently was edited by a former Californian. Bon Appetit's offices are actually in Los Angeles. If anything, it's the neo-rustic SF-area restaurants and trends that get too much of a pass from the slicks.

              1. re: condiment

                Yeah, we're not up the urban curve on haute donuts up here in the Bay Area.

                FWIW, Bon Appetit's subscription department is in LA (close to its base?) but their editorial department in in New York, in the Conde Nast building next to Gourmet's. Both are right outside the employee cafeteria, for some reason....

                1. re: Gary Soup

                  Actually, Bon Appetit's entire editorial and production staff is here in Los Angeles. My wife works for the mag. Some of the editorial staff come and go to New York, but L.A. is the base and always has been. Owner Conde Nast, of course, is HQ'd in NY.

                  1. re: Mr. Cookie

                    Maybe that's Bon Appetit's problem.

                    1. re: Gary Soup

                      Well, I have to agree with the OP that the world does not revolve around NYC. If you look at the dynamic food scene in L.A. and its proximity to restaurant/foodie hotbeds S.F. and Las Vegas, this would seem like the better location to be at.

                      1. re: Mr. Cookie

                        So why does B-A appear to have so little standing?

                        1. re: Gary Soup

                          Well, it's chronically short of serious food journalism, and a number of its regular features are old fashioned and out of date. But that has to do with how they view their niche in the food publication world, not where they're located.

                          I would also say that a lot of people have a love/hate attitude toward BA. They rag on the magazine and cancel their subscriptions, but when they're looking for recipes (and you see this on the Chowhound boards constantly) one of the first places they look is Epicurious, which is a BA spinoff with 100 percent of the recipes originally from BA. I've seen a lot of hounds who seem to have the opposite attitude toward Gourmet and Saveur -- they like the articles but find the recipes too difficult or downright impenetrable.

                          Personally, I'd like to see BA be a little more adventurous and literary than it is, but they've made a lot of money doing what they do -- catering to a fairly middle class audience -- and they are loathe to change, I guess.