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Jan 10, 2007 04:40 AM

BEARD PAPA on atlantic

has anyone been to the newly opened one on atlantic? WOW are they kidding me? i am fan of BP especially the green tea one being a green tea fanatic, but the green tea one there is DEFINATELY not green tea.. or maybe it is but not the matcha japanese green tea flavor that its meant to be.. what is the deal? anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

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  1. yum -- I will also choose green tea over other flavors, but the Beard Papa green tea cream is not to my tastes, either. I was quite disappointed when I first tried it, and I have not tried it again.

    I also do not care for the Pinkberry green tea flavor...hmmmf! I guess I will have to continue to get my fix at Green Tea Terrace in Westwood! They make a terrific green tea latte -- cold or hot!

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      i agree with pinkberry too.. i like it but it is definately does not taste like green tea.
      i have heard of green tea terrace and i love green tea lattes so i should try it. where is it exactly? and what else is good?

      the green tea one @ bp on atlantic tastes like jasmine tea. WHAT?

      you should try the green tea cakes from frances bakery in little tokyo. GOOD!

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        Hi, yum!

        Green Tea Terrace is at 1037 Westwood Blvd. (#310.443-9910) -- right in the heart of Westwood. Talk to the servers about what you like, and they will direct you.


        I had a pumpkin custard-something at Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo right around Halloween time; it was YUM! I'd love another excuse to get back there, so thanks for the green tea cake rec.

        And if you're in the Little Tokyo 'hood around dinnertime, try Izayoi on Central (sushi, small plates, sashimi)...YUM again!

    2. Don't go to the Beard Papa at Marukai Market in Gardena (Artesia/Western)...they don't bake them there, they only fill them there. They must get them from the Marukai location on Redondo Beach Blvd.

      1. I went to the Atlantic location this weekend, and they're the slowest Beard Papa I've been to. They have one small convection oven that can't keep up with the relatively modest demand.

        The silver lining is that the puffs we received were fresh as can be. Super crispy and wonderful. It just took 30 minutes to get them.

        I've had green tea at another BP, and I'll add another meh.

        On another note, they have a new drink I saw for the first time at any BP: Yakult smoothie, at least, the one sip that my six year old allowed me.

        1. C'mon folks - I could be shooting myself in the foot by suggesting and singing praises of my favorite cream puff place but it's not Beard Papa's. Go to Pattiserie Chantilly in Lomita...2383 Lomita Blvd... Comparing Chantilly's cream puffs to Beard Papa's is like comparing a fine Bourdeaux to Ripple... not even in the same hemisphere!

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          1. that figures. they're probably catering to the monterey park predominantly chinese clientele - the same ones who go to the boba shops and buy "matcha green tea" only to get something not even remotely close to matcha. it's green tea to chinese and taiwanese people i guess...

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              Hm, if you're going to generalize that Chinese and Taiwanese don't know what green tea tastes like, you might as well include the Koreans, who own Pinkberry.

              No one I know likes the green tea at either Beard Papa's or Pinkberry, so I really don't know who they're catering to. The stuff sure is green, but the first question everyone asks is "Where's the matcha?"

              I would expect things labelled as "green tea" to taste at least as matcha-infused as commercial green tea ice cream that you get at a Japanese restaurant, but Pinkberry and Beard Papa's don't even come close.

              Come to think of it, even the free sample of matcha chocolate chip muffins (yes, chocolate chip) I had at Trader Joe's today had more matcha flavor than Pinkberry or Beard Papa's.

              1. re: Pei

                chinese businesses, most notably tapioca shops, sell "green tea" and even "japanese green tea" drinks that are jasmine-based. for many of my japanese friends, the fragrant jasmine is too funky, and they get up in arms when it winds up in their boba. i wouldn't necessarily say that chinese and taiwanese don't know what "real" green tea tastes like, but i will say that they often sell stuff as "japanese green tea" that isn't anything close to the japanese version of it. tapioca express has a "matcha" boba slush-bubble-whatever that used to be pretty authentic (in that it tasted like green tea ice cream), but one day, they switched it to...

                you guessed it. jasmine green tea.

                i don't know enough about korean shops to say if the same holds true. i do know that i don't like the green tea yogurt at pinkberry.

                i do love the green tea puffs at beard papa (sawtelle).

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                  I know Chinese green tea is very different from Japanese matcha, but had completely forgotten about the "fragrant" jasmine green tea. I feel your pain about that; I too prefer matcha and find the jasmine a bit funky.

                  But going to a Chinese tea chain and then saying the "Japanese green tea" doesn't taste like what you'd get at a Japanese place is a bit like going to an Asian bakery and complaining that the "Italian tiramisu" is made with sponge cake, mousse, and no booze. Better to just ask what kind of green tea it is before ordering, though of course that assumes the people there even a) speak English and b) know what you're talking about. Hm, why am I so picky today? Sorry...

                  Maybe we should complain a lot and see if they'll bring the matcha back?