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Jan 10, 2007 04:24 AM

Dying to Ask This Question

Has anyone here been to Calgary and dined at Ardens? It is the singer Jann Arden's brother who owns this place. I thinks its kinda of like diner food. Any takes on this? Thanks Tour boi

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  1. I have eaten there, pretty good diner food esp. bleu cheese burger and excellent brekky. However, I am quite sure that it has closed down...

    1. I ate there a few times, but bogie is right that it closed down, a couple years ago actually. The space has already been used as a couple restaurants. First it was a Big Ts BBQ and now I think it might be an Italian place.

      1. One thing that was consistently good was the chicken soup with a huge dumpling. Ah well.

        1. It's been closed for years, dude. Years.

          1. That location is currently Antolini's, a decent Italian place (which relocated from a Toronto location).