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Jan 10, 2007 03:50 AM

Best purchase you made last year - who knew

George foreman grill. Hands down the best thing I bought last year. Didn't turn my barbeque on all summer. Asparagus to die for, marinated meat of any kind. I couldn't believe how good a pork chop tasted. And hamburgers wow. I keep it outside on the padio table and used it all winter, and november - lots of minus celcius days.

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  1. Easily my All Clad LTD purchase early in the year. Several pieces were purchased at Bloomingdales Home in Chicago (all 1st quality in their original boxes) on close out--a 3Q saucier, a 1.5Q Windsor pan, a 1Q sauce pan, the 4Q paella/braiser pan and the double burner grand grille pan. When the dust settled, I paid 40% of list price.

    Second (also at Bloomingdale's Home in Chicago) would be my Emile Henry purchase late in the year (also at 60% off list) which included a 5L soup terrine, 6 1Q bowls, 4 French made kitchen towels, 8 6oz ramekins, 2 x 1/2Q individual lasagna bakers, a 2.5Q lasagana baker, a 5.4Q lasagna baker and a 2Q oval gratin baker, plus a Salt Pig--all in my kitchen's primary color of red.

    1. Wow, but how often do you use them?

      1. A portable gas burner, under $30 at a commercial cooking store, gass is $1.99 a can, and they last a long time, 2 hours each.

        We use it to make latkes in our kids classes. We used to suffer through and electric pan, but it took to long to get hot, and it was never hot enough.


        our SILPAT

        1. microplane nutmeg grater

          zojirushi coffee thermos

          not a year for large purchases!

          1. Really didn't make any big purchases last year, but I really like when a small purchase makes my life a little easier. I am very happy with a new timer I bought. I didn't pay attention to the features when I bought it because I was primarily interested in the feature of keeping two times. As it turns out it has all the features I wanted - even ones I didn't know I wanted: keeps two times, it is easy to read and to set because it has bigger buttons. It has a five minute warning, and a recall button that recalls the last time inputted. I used it today when I was cooking lasagna noodles. I know it is not a big deal resetting a timer but it did make things go easier. So far it has been the best timer I have ever purchased.

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              I need one of these. I usually use the timer on the stove, then the micro. And then someone usually puts something into it and screws up my time. What's the brand name?