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Jan 10, 2007 03:39 AM

Best Take Out Chinese?

What is the best take out Chinese? Thanks.

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  1. If you live in Brooklyn Try Peking House on nostrand and ave x in Sheepshead Bay. I also like Red hot on 7 th ave and 10 th st for take out.

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      Don't go out of your way for Red Hot. Like all Chinese food in Park Slope it's truly mediocre. Good Chinese food in Brooklyn can be found along the 8th Ave. strip in the 40's & 50's Sts. in Sunset Park, or out on Ave. U.

    2. Thanks, I live in Manhattan but I will certainly check them out when in Brooklyn. Any other pics?

      1. I've repeatedly gotten takeout from Spicy & Tasty in Flushing, and it tastes great even after traveling for about an hour and a half on the subway!

        1. Mamma Budda if you are in the Village. The Cottage in Gramercy.

          1. Grand Sichwan on 50th and 9th, just don't order off of the "American" menu. But if you TRULY want to enjoy Chinese food you always want to eat it in the restaurant!

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              We order out from there at least once a week. Usually we get the sauteed pumpkin family style and the chicken with chinese broccoli (both from the Schezuan part of the menu). Both are excellent and both travel pretty well. Stay away from the chef they use on Sunday evenings (not as good as the rest of the week). Oh and ask them to hold the schezuan peppercorns in the chicken dish. They are truly an acquired taste and can detract from an otherwise really good meal. (P.S. I am part Chinese and I just can't eat those whole peppercorns-the dried chilis are essential to the dish though)