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Jan 10, 2007 03:13 AM

carroll gardens chinese help please!!!

so i live here in carroll gardens, brooklyn. court near 1st place to be specific. very close to the new CVS and carroll street stop on the F. anyhow, i know of all the chinese restaurants nearby but ive only actually tried a few and have yet to be impressed (or even really satisfied to be honest). what does everyone out there think??? i know theres lots of carroll gardens residents here on the hound boards so please help me out. i know so far that i hear good things about TOFU over in PSlope but what i got wasnt too good at all. not bad either but... and then i know of TING HUA right by the carroll street F stop but what ive had from there was just garbage. just completely and totally the least common denominator american chinese ever. keep in mind please that i am looking for that good ol' standbye american chinese joint, not necessarily authentic chinese at all, ok? just good ol', the kind we all grew up on-chinese food will do. but done real and well is all, yknow? so, please, help me out. i know finding these little details is more difficult than it seems but i feel like im really being stimied here. im from NJ, by the way. we had plenty of exactuly what im looking for when i grew up so im stuck wondering why i cant find it here... anyhow, thanks for any input:)

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  1. No good chinese in your neck of the woods, and really none to speak of in the general vicinity. When I really have the urge I'll order from Andy's in Brooklyn Heights, which I prefer over Lichee Nut, which is another 'decent' place in the Heights. There's also Chance, which isn't really 'American' chinese, but it's decent enough.

    1. I think chance is good, but it defintely doesn't have the american-chinese standards. In general, all of the chinese places in carroll gardens are not good at all. there was one on court street a while back, i can't remember the name, but it was down near the movie theater on the same side of court and they did noodle soups and decent, not-too-greasy standard fare. Then it closed but I heard it moved to park slope but still delivers here. anyone know the place i'm thinking of and care to chime in?

      otherwise, take a look at chance's menu and see if you can find some stuff. the entrees are expensive, but the apps and sides are good and all big portions. we rarely order an entree. the green beans and the fried rice are both good. the dim sum isn't bad, but it doesn't travel well.

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        You're thinking of Empire Kitchen, which moved to 5th Ave but still deliver to CG/CH. They also have nice fresh veggie options - worth a look.

        Andy's & Lichee Nut are our standbys and should deliver to Carroll Gardens.

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          yes, empire kitchen is the one. thanks!

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            Empire Kitchen has been our american chinese standby for over a year and never been disappointed. They do indeed have nice fresh veggie options....we often order from the 'healthy' menu for a generous amount of chicken with bok choy, broccoli, string beans etc with a tasty spicy garlic sauce served on the side.

            Great fried rice. Decent won ton soup. Etc.

            I also like Chance but more for dim sum.

          2. re: EJC

            I remembered Empire Kitchen fondly in CG and after reading this post got all excited to think they are still around, alas I did not notice this thread is from 2007. The Slope location is now closed.... and there STILL are dire choices for Chinese in the hood. :(

            Empire Kitchen
            17-02 Utopia Pkwy, Queens, NY 11357

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            are you talking bout TOFU which is now in PSlpoe? is that the one that you are saying moved, maybe?

          4. I've occasionally gotten takeout from the place on the corner of Smith and Warren, right by the Warren end of the Bergen St. subway station.

            I've mostly gotten the lo mein and have been reasonably impressed by it. It's so often very greasy at these kinds of takeout places and their's isn't. I had one other dish too and while I can't remember what it was, it also wasn't bad, leading me to believe the rest of their menu might be ok too.

            Anyway, it couldn't be more convenient to the subway and if you have an unlimited ride metrocard (or as I like to call them, "all-you-can-eat"), you could hop right back on the train and ride to the next stop with your takeout and get home before it gets cold.

            1. We order from Hunan Delight park slope. They will deliver to the area. It is one of the few places that we have found to have the thin skinned dumplings. The mixed vegetables requested to be made spicy are pretty good.

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                I second Hunan Delight. Not great, but will satisfy the craving. Really like the dumplings, good sesame noodles too. Avoid Me and My Eggroll on 2nd Place and Court at ALL COSTS!

              2. The delivery people from Andy's seem to dislike delivering that far, always gave me a hard time even after a generous tip. I combine things from Ting Hua, Me and My egg roll and the place on Court further south (can't remember their name!)