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Jan 10, 2007 02:58 AM

great food, too noisy

sushi samba on park ave south, for example. what gives?

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  1. I've not been to Sushi Samba, but we ran into the same situation at A Voce. We came in relatively early and, as the room filled up, the noise level kept rising until it was nearly unbearable. So, despite really liking the food, we've not rushed to return.

    1. Taboon. Smallish room, lively bar, both packed; guitarist; good --not great -- food. We left before dessert and won't be back.

      1. the front room at The Palm was the loudest place I have ever been for a meal

        1. Las Ramblas is my number one. But the number of too-loud places (good bad and indifferent) are legion.