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Where to buy pink salt?

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Anyone know where I can get pink salt - used for curing meats - in NY?

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  1. Try Aphrodisia on Bleecker St., off Cornelia.They carry the full gamut of herbs, spices, nuts and teas. It's one of the gems of NYC!

    1. It's not the kind of thing Aphrodisia is likely to have. Food Emporium is usually better stocked than the other chains, but this kind of thing - along with canning supplies, pickling salt, etc. is scarce in the city, especially these days. Chinatown might be a good another bet, though I only remember seeing plain saltpeter itself. But then I wasn't actually looking for it.

      1. I have seen it at Whole Foods in San DIego, perhaps NYC Whole Foods would also have it. Have you also tried Zabars?

        I just checked the Dean and Deluca web site and they have a pink salt from HAwaii.

        1. I think I saw pink salt at Williams Sonoma in Columbus Circle.

          1. I bought pink sea salt at a place in the Hamptons (which has a Manhattan location as well) Citarella. It wasn't very pricey as I recalled and came in a small plastic tub. I've been using it liberally in everything and still have a fairly full container. Good luck!

            1. I bought some pink sea salt at Sur La Table in Soho--not sure if it's the same stuff you're looking for.


              1. Thanks, everyone.

                I think there's some confusion - what I'm looking for is (I think) what MikeG is talking about - it's commonly called pink salt, although also known by other names (ie, Prague Powder #1). See http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/spices... for what it is. I'm assuming that D&D, Williams-Sonoma, etc, have pink sea salt, which while lovely, won't do the trick.

                1. also, it may just be labeled as a 6.25% sodium nitrite composition (not nitrate).

                  1. Go to David Burke's website -- he uses it all the time and either sells it himself, or tells the consumer where they can buy it.

                    1. If you can use straight saltpetre, various places in Chinatown have it. I know I saw it recently at Tan Tin Hun (I think that's the name) - a Vietnamese grocery/dry goods store on the Bowery just below Grand. All the way in the back of the aisle with the soy sauce, etc on the left hand side.

                      1. Apparently Kalustyan's carries Sel-Rose - MikeG (or anyone else), do you know if this is the same thing?

                        1. Allied Kenco sells both kinds. Yes, there are two, and they're used for different purposes. You can read about that on their web site. I've found the company to be cheap and reliable. Easy to do business with.


                          1. Sorry, no, I don't know anything about that brand, though I suspect most of the commercial curing salt blends are fairly interchangeable.

                            1. Are you looking for the pink salt plates that Burke and Batali use to cure meat and seafood? You can get them from www.poshsalt.com. They introduced the stuff in NY about 3 years ago. I found them when Bon Appetit did a small piece on them a while back. Since they import the salt and make the plates themselves they will even do custom sizes for you. Great prices and real nice people too. Good luck.

                              1. on avenue b between 6th and 7th streets-they have an amazing block of it and sell portions-I forget the name of the place-but the location is accurate and this salt is very different--check it out and let me know what you think of it..

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                                  I think you're talking about S.O.S Chefs (great little shop)... If so, it's the same salt. SOS buys it from POSHSALT. I buy it direct from poshsalt.com. Even though they're mainly the wholesalers they happily sell to us little guys too. I recommended them to a friend of mine who needed a dozen salt plates for a dinner party and they actually delivered them to her UWS apt without even charging for delivery. They always throw in free stuff when you order and are very knowledgable and helpful. It's best to call, because their website isn't updated too often and they always have a lot of cool new stuff not even listed. Last time I ordered they sent me a free set of small glass vials filled with their flavored salts. Vanilla and star anise. Awesome!

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                                    yes they are a great shop with nice and helpful people-they also have some beautiful vanilla beans

                                2. Pink Salt, Wild Edibles in the Grand Central Market.