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Jan 10, 2007 02:33 AM

Winterlicious at Canoe

Is it fixed? Has anyone actually ever been?

We've been trying to get a 'licious reservation at Canoe ever since the program started. Never been able to get anything other than a busy signal or "sorry, we're all booked up."

My wife and two of her colleagues started calling at 10 o'clock this morning, when they allegedly started taking reservations. None of them got through.

Is this like a radio contest, or is it all a big fraud?

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  1. I too tried calling today with my amex and no cigar. All I can say is that it's likely that most of the people in the nearby office towers who normally would never even think of Canoe as a lunch spot were busily booking team lunches.

    I should go over there tomorrow in person and give it a try.

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      I tried to go in person to book winterlicious couple of years ago since I work in that area and they said they only take reservation by phone ??!! Keep calling, eventually it will get through.

    2. I've gone twice for a winterlicious lunch in the past few years, but only because I have persistent and *lucky* friends with Amex cards. Although the second time the menu didn't really appeal to me so I ordered a lobster sandwich a la carte. Afterward, I decided to not even bother trying, as it seems to be more about hype, competition and bragging rights ("that's right, I got a winterlicious reservtion at Canoe once!"). I would suggest just going for lunch on a regular day and save yourself the aggravation. There's plenty of other reservations in the sea!

      1. I got through but I had tried from 10am to about 11:30am, with only a busy signal for the hour and a half. Then by fluke my mom picked up the phone to dial the number around 12 and it rang. Then that put me on queue for about 20-30 minutes before someone actually spoke to me and took my reservation. Surprisingly there were a lot of time slots left on what I had thought was a prime night (Saturday). And ironically, while frustrated with Canoe in that first hour and a half, I randomly dialed Auberge's number and got through and made a reservation with them as well, just in case Canoe didn't pan out. So now I have 2 reservations. It's really all pure luck. Good luck!

        1. I intend on showing up for lunch at the bar as usual and asking for the Winterlicious menu. We'll see.

          1. i have gone to a canoe winterlicious and i personally wasn't all that impressed. the service was good but the food was just ok. a bit bland and nothing entirely impressive about it. however, all the aromas wafting from every other dish on the regular menu were to die for.

            i think they just hype themselves up by not answering the phone. i also wouldn't be surprised if they did tried to make themselves "rare" so that they could also save some seats for any regulars or businesses.