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Jan 10, 2007 02:22 AM

vietnamese restaurant in sunset

this might be a long shot but about a year ago there was a review in the sfweekly of a vietnamese restaurant in the sunset. it was likened to the slanted door, but preferred for it's cheaper prices and reservation availability. i searched on but couldn't find it. if anyone knows of this place i'd be delighted to be enlightened. on another note, besides the house and bong su, any other vietnamese restaurant recommendations? i'm looking for some place that has nice atmosphere as well as great food. thanks.

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  1. Vietnamese food oh boy do I miss. I am suggesting Poleng
    1751 Fulton Ave @ Masonic not in the Sunset but near. Not exactly Vietnamese but all the dishes are South Eastern Asia influenced. The food is really good and nice spot to hang out with friends.

    1. Could it be Yummy Yummy, on Irving near 11th? Excellent raw beef salad, five-spice chicken, bahn khot.

        1. Could it have been in the SF Bay Guardian? I remember reading a review for Dragonfly quite awhile ago. Dragonfly seems to fit the description as well, since it's a little more upscale and has dishes such as shaking beef, etc.

          1. The comparative review is posted on the wall as you enter Yummy Yummy (Irving, between 11th and 12th).