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Jan 10, 2007 02:22 AM


New to the boards and I just wanted to get an idea of people's favorite places for Empanadas, particularly on the Eastside.

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  1. Sorry - not familiar with the Eastside, but if your out in the westside, try Empanadas Place on Sawtelle Blvd, just south of Venice Blvd - they probably have a dozen varieties that would make most tastes happy - they deep-fry their empanadas. They've been there for at least 15 to 20 years. They also have great alfajores - those light shortbread-like cookies with the scruptious dolce de leche in the middle.

    If you're in downtown Culver City area, go to Grand Casino Bakery on Main Street - Argentina-emersion! Only four varieties of empanadas but all are really good - and they bake theirs - a little smaller and lighter which fools you into eating twice as much! Their alfajores are great and so is everything else in the bakery. If I had to guess, I would say that at least 70% of their
    clients in the bakery/cafe at any given time are folks from Argentina. If that's not a vote of confidence, I don't know what is...

    1. New Argentine (well really Argentine/Mexican) on Cesar Chavez and Eastern, called Che's. Husband Argentine, wife Mexican and they have terrific empanadas which are CHEAP! Good deals on specials, like pizza, chicken and empanadas for 20-30 bucks for a crowd.

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        A little clarification please.
        Is it called New Argentine or Che's?
        Can't find it on Google.
        More specific on the it on Cesar Chavez or Eastern?
        Maybe an address?

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          Here's the info you asked for:
          Che's Pizza & Empanadas
          4310 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90022
          Their food is tasty and you can't beat the price. It's an Argentine/Mexican couple who've developed a variety of traditional Argentine empanadas and delicious & savory Mexican fillings like potato & chorizo or carne asada & green peppers. Good Stuff!!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Went to a Spanish wine tasting Sunday afternoon at Silver Lake Wine Store, and they provided both spinach and chicken empanadas as some of the food, and they said they were from Carniceria Argentino in No. Hwd. at 11740 Victory Blvd., near Lankershim,(818.762.9977)which is not too far to go from the east side if you utilize the 170 Fwy to Victory Blvd.
            They sure were good!!!

            1. Spain on Glendale Blvd. (not sure of the cross street, I think it's just N of Berkeley) in Echo Park might have them. I think it is owned by Argentinians.

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                Someone who lives in Silver Lake told me their pretty good. Stopped by the other day and they're closed for vacation until next week.