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Jan 10, 2007 01:53 AM

A la Biche au Bois - Paris

Has anyone been to 'A la Biche au Bois', Paris, recently?

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  1. I was there the day after Thanksgiving for lunch. Why?

    1. Last time I was there was exactly this week, last year, 2006. Same as ever.

      1. We were there for the first time in September 06 and were very disappointed after affectionate reviews on this site. We had two different terrines to start which were totally lackluster. Two different main courses were just OK but nothing special (sorry can't remember what they were). French fries were not bad. Would be most interested to hear details of recent good meals there (though we won't go back as there are alternatives)..

        1. Nah, the venue is nice and fun. The owners are great, but the food cannot be considered good, even for what it is.