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Jan 10, 2007 01:37 AM

Breakfast places in Twin Cities

Howdy - I'm looking for new places for breakfast in the Twin Cities area.

Here are some places I've currently enjoyed:
*Maria's for corn pancakes
*Sunnyside up for French Toast
*Egg and I for eggs

I've tried:
Triple Rock - okay if you can get past the night before beer smell
French Meadow - I know I'm supposed to like it but I'm always underwhelmed
Wagon Wheel in Robbinsdale - whatever, it was close by
Birchwood - always underwhelmed even though critics adore it, sigh

What am I missing? Any suggestions for the inexpensive but delicious?


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  1. It has been discussed elsewhere on this board, but the Colossal Cafe is fabulous! It is on 42nd at Cedar. Very tiny, very yummy, especially the pastries.

    I'm a huge fan of the corn pancakes at Maria's. I always get it with the cheese, no syrup.

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    1. re: Cassandra

      Thanks for the heads up about Colossal Cafe. I just joined the board and did not see the earlier breakfast post.

      Those pancakes at Maria's need only a fork and mouth to enjoy! De-licious!

      1. re: Cassandra

        My favorite is sharing the cheese with at least two people, (it's too much for me) and WITH the syrup. Yummy yummy. I've never had anything else. Farmer's market and Maria's with my best friend Sandy is one of the best rituals of summer...

      2. Hell's Kitchen -- most innovative breakfast in town; in my opinion, the best. (Search this board for specific reviews.) However, it's been discovered, so weekend waits are typical, and you'll probably have to pay to park at the surface lot across the street. On weekends, I recommend making reservations.

        Lucia's -- small, simple menu. Excellent preparations of French-style omelets, roasted potatoes, baked goods.

        Bryant-Lake Bowl -- funky but fun menu. Unusual combinations (egg scramble with goat cheese and banana peppers), but they work.

        Salut Bar Americain -- Oddly enough, the big room is almost empty during brunch, while people line up down the block to get into the Edina Grill. Brunch is their best and most decadent meal -- lots of seafood options, and a fabulous steak frites.

        Bad Waitress -- Some people are put off by the counter service. I like the ambience, the pumpkin pancakes, and hot chorizo sausage. Good coffee, too. Free wi-fi.

        Turtle Bread -- Nice job with a handful of griddle dishes, as well as your option to have a great croissant or pastry. If you're looking to commit early morning suicide by sugar, they have a chocolate bread French toast with raspberry sauce on the menu. Free wi-fi.

        1. hells kitchen is excellent!

          1. Don't expect to be able to take your time, or really even expect good service, but Al's Breakfast has the best cakes in town.

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            1. re: Nathan_1118

              Al's Breakfast also has wonderful hash browns and good eggs bennie. Oh, I love Al's!!!


              1. re: Nathan_1118

                Sorry but the looong wait, lousy service and rushed, cramped setting pretty much cancel out the mostly delicious breakfast at Al's. (Also can get really hot in the summer.) Much prefer HK or Lucia's, among others, where they take reservations.

              2. oooh i disagree, love love love birchwood and french meadow.
                also great are BLB, Lucia's, Barbette sometimes, and Peter's Grill for the atmosphere of an ol' diner.