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Jan 10, 2007 01:21 AM

Valentine's Day?

I want to surprise my wife with something really special, and I have been thinking about sous vide cooking.

Has anybody had any experiences they could share with me?

Does it work well with fish?

How about Fugu? Do you think that would be good cooked a la Sous Vide?


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  1. Maybe looking at Thomas Keller's menus or books for inspiration.
    Did not see anything in The French Laundry Book or Bouchon

    1. i'm all for romance, but have absolutely no idea what sous vide is or fugu...must go google.

      1. I think if you want to try sous vide cooking you might want to get hold of an Oct. issue of Vogue and read Jeffry Stiengarten's article on trying that at home. It takes some real precision in regards to temperature. Fugu? Where are you going to get that raw and what is so romantic about it?

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        1. re: Candy

          I thought the same thing about the fugu. Maybe romantically, it's a potential Romeo and Juliet thing? You can't just pick up fugu from Whole Foods.

          As Valentine's goes, I'd go for tried and true--or at least practice the sous vide techniques first on whatever you're going to cook.

          1. re: chowser

            I agree with that, Valentines is the one day that menu is exactly what hubby wants.

        2. I've read that the botulism present in ultra low temp Sous Vide cooking destroys the poisons in the Fugu.

          Now, where to find the Fugu in SF Bay Area? Any suggestions?

          1. If you want to do sous vide, see these threads on the Cookware board:


            I don't believe that fugu toxin is destroyed by heat. From what Anthony Bourdain said the toxin's the only interest anyway. And it's not available.