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Jan 10, 2007 12:55 AM

lunch suggestions downtown on sat?

I'm taking a friend on an art deco walking tour for his birthday on sat and then I'd like to take him to lunch somewhere nearby and I'm looking for suggestions. the tour should end a little after noon near pershing sq. is high tea at the biltmore worth it and is it too precious for a 35 year old man (albeit one who loves architecture so I thought he might dig the hotel)? is high tea served that early?

any other suggestions?

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  1. Never been to high tea at the Biltmore, BUT

    OOh - My Mom and I went to a great art deco style place right across for the California Mart. Very nice inside, delicious food, cool setting. around $12 per entree.

    One minor problem. I can't think of the name. I know it is on the north side of 9th. Right across from the Ca Mart. Darn it!

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    1. re: Big Eatin Lil Girl

      Hey Msg1 -

      With a little sleuthing I was able to find the name of the place - Tiara cafe.

      Tiara Cafe

      127 E Ninth St (Cross Street: Main Street)
      Los Angeles, CA 90015
      (213) 623-3663

      I enjoyed it there. I had the Seared Tuna Salad. Dressing was to die for.

    2. for a very fulfilling meal, head down to 4th and main to pete's cafe. their hellman burger with an order of bleu cheese fries is simply fantastic!

      the combo might take a few years off your life, but its so damn worth it! =)

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        Oh god. Pete's bleu cheese fries. simply amazing!

        Why oh why is there such thing as "bad cholesteral"?

        That place has a great bar scene too with the LA Loft types.

      2. Phillipe's for old school LA -- french dipped sandwiches, hot mustard, pie, pickled eggs, slaw, etc. Great place.

        Little Tokyo for new school LA -- good sushi places (Sushi Gen), japanese bakeries, japanese grocery stores, etc.

        Langers (Macarthur Park) for the best pastrami in the world.

        Mama's Hot Tamales (Macarthur Park) for great tamales.

        1. Ditto on Petes - i literally feasted there on bleu cheese fries AND the mac and cheese. clearly i love cheese. but once you start on those fries, you can't stop. DELISH!