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Jan 10, 2007 12:46 AM

Kid Eats near Capitol

Will be traveling with 4 kids (three 10 year olds and a 3 year old). We'll be staying near the Capitol and need some recommendations for good, inexpensive lunch and dinners. The kids are of parents of hounds and on most occasions will experiment. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Oh, so you decided to stay in Capitol Hill instead of Dupont Circle. With that, there are few options in that area, but if you want to keep things simple, stop by Union Station, which is a stone's throw from the US Capitol. It's a transporation hub area, with some nice stores, a large food court, and a few restaurants, although most are chainish.

    There are other eateries/restaurants along Pennsylvania Ave, but that area gets sketchy once the sun goes down.

    1. Try the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. Plenty of opportunity for experimentation there.

      1. Thank you all for your posts. Union Station looks like a good place for the kids to browse around too.

        1. Capital Hill is a residential neighborhood downright teeming with kids. I raised two of them here and they live only a few blocks from the house they grew up in.
          A few of the restaurants that local folks take their kids to:
          Market Lunch at Eastern Market for breakfast or lunch - except Saturday when it's a crowded zoo!
          The Salvadoran place across from the Market has good food.
          Tunnicliff's Tavern, also across from the Market, just changed ownership and has burgers and other general American fare.
          On the 200 block of 7th Street, Montmartre is a great French place where your kids will do fine but you might want to go early. Ben & Jerry's is right next door.
          There's even a Quizno's around the corner. A Dunkin' Donuts nearby to grab some snacks. The Banana Cafe on 8th Street is pretty laid back and there are some other spots further down that street too.
          Your kids will love the flea market on Saturday and Sunday. All of our kids make it over there.

          In the 200 and 300 blocks of Pennsylvania, there are a lot of great places where you'll be fine at lunch but they do turn into bars at night, but not sketchy, contrary to what Chownut asserts. Perfectly safe. The Tune Inn is a great classic greasy spoon. Hawk and Dove has good food. Sonoma is an upscale restaurant and wine bar, kind of trendy scene downstairs but you'll be OK. Across the street, La Lomita Dos has good Mexican and Young Chow has plain old Chinese.
          On 2nd St., Pete's place has simple breakfast and lunch. Bon Cafe also has good simple food.
          A lot of people enjoy the Indian lunch buffet at the WHite Tiger at 3rd and Mass, NE. There's a family style Italian bistro right behind Schneider's liquor store that I hear has good food but I can't remember the name. There are several other restaurants in that area, including Armand's Chicago Pizza.
          The Dubliner, near Union Station, is an old Irish restaurant and bar. Good food. About a block from there is Johnny's Half Shell, a good seafood restaurant, which should be fine for your children. My Brother's Place nearby has good food in a relaxed atmosphere but is again more bar at night.
          Near your Hotel, there's a branch of a local burger franchise, 5 Guys, at 1100 NJ Ave, SE.

          Except for Montmartre which is wonderful, most of these aren't going to knock your socks off. Some of them have darned good food; sometimes they get knocked on CH by those who expect more.
          There are places where we all take our kids and everybody is comfortable. You'll find lots of choices.

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            Making Sense,
            Thank you so much for the time you took to respond to my post, it is really appreciated!!! It sounds like we'll have plenty of options to choose from that are fairly close to our hotel. We are definetly looking forwared to being tourists and enjoying the food and sights of DC!

          2. I wouldn't take a 3-year old to Montmartre, but that's just me.