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Jan 10, 2007 12:38 AM

Tommy Ray's was Terrific

Went last night for dinner my tilapia was unbeliable and the veges so fresh. The salad was great. My friend had a steak and fries she said it was great also.
Service was also great.
I really recommend it to try.

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  1. we went the other night, and while it wasn't awful, it didn't knock our socks off. My wife had the chicken cutlet that was pounded amazingly thin and as a result was cooked rather dry. I had the short ribs with the sweet potato fries. The meet was tender but I felt he flavor was lacking. Even the short ribs at French75 have a far deeper flavor and a superb sauce, while this seemed tantamount to a wad of pot roast. The brunch menus looked promising and we might go back. We will likely give it another try, but for that money, I would sooner go across the street and just a tad further west to Rissoto

    1. Could you please give me address and phone. Sounds worth a try. Thank you.

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        Nothing to rush out for, yet all right.
        But the info is as follows:
        12341 Ventura Blvd., Studio City

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          I went for dinner and it was fabulous. I had the filet, with a red wine demi-glaze. I then returned that weekend for their late night lounge. It's Thurs-Sat after 10:00 pm and they serve wine flights and a wine bites menu until 1:00 am. I love tasing wines, so I was very happy. We had them with a cheese plate.