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Jan 10, 2007 12:20 AM

Anyone tried the Village Idiot on Melrose and Martel?

I just saw that the new restaurant in Chianti's old space recently opened and was wondering if anyone had tried it. I hear that it is a bistro/pub.

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  1. Is that what it's called? I thought it was Public House

    1. Here is a link to a small article on it via eaterLA:

      1. Thanks, I'm going to try it tonight. Will let you know.

        1. I was there last night! This place has a lot of potential. Really liked the design and ambiance. The menu is currently limited (ie small) since they've just opened this week. The food was good, but since it is based on an English pub, it has its limitations. Boo - if it were some fab italian I'd be all over it.

          Still a great place to have a bottle of wine with friends.

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          1. Too funny!

            This place also has its merits because there are no cool restaurants on Melrose. For a place that is so popping during the day, it really could use a few cool spots to hang at night.