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Jan 10, 2007 12:17 AM

veggie in the Monterey Peninsula

My sister will be in Carmel area in March for a week. She and her husband are vegetarian.. no meat or fish.. dairy etc okay.
I have spent a lot of time in that area but as a full carnivore so I am clueless as to options for them. Can anyone help?? They also want to spend some time in Big Sur.
Many thanks.

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  1. This won't help you in regards to specific recommendations, but I've visited the Monterey Peninsula many times and have never, ever had a problem getting a vegetarian meal. Of course, I've never been to the seafood places that everyone else raves about, either.

    When I'm less pressed for time, I'll post some restaurants.

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      Indeed, vegetarianism is common in the area, so many good restaurants will have at least one veggie option.

      If the visiting couple like wine, I am sure that one could do a veggie meal at Passionfish.

      Bahn Thai and Krua Thai are both good.

      India's Clay Oven also does a lot of good veggie dishes.

      I would also urge them to check out farmers' markets.


    2. In Monterey/Pacific Grove there are a few gems - I grew up there and here are some local faves...

      Peppers Mexicali Cafe - Great food and location in Pacific Grove - very close to the beach and museum of natural history.

      In Seaside - Bahn Thai - EPIC Thai food. In the University Plaza.

      Tillie Gorts - Old School Monterey Hippy Vegetarian food. On
      Lighthouse Ave.

      Tommy Wok - Very good Chinese food in Carmel. Next to Wells Fargo Bank.

      In Big Sur - Nepenthe - worth it for the view.

      All these places have great vege food.


      Good Luck!

      1. Thanks for all your help. Great suggestions that I have passed on. My husband and I will be going back to Carmel for our 40th anniversary in late Oct. We eat most everything and can't wait to visit some favorites and maybe find some new places.